By : Jennifer Karpus-Romain | October 29, 2020 | 2 min read

How Does Gamification Help Businesses?

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“In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun and SNAP! the job’s a game.” –Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins was onto an interesting concept.  At its core, this is what gamification is all about.

Gamification is not about turning the workplace into a game, but rather taking the best parts of games and sports and putting them into the workplace.

By incorporating game-like systems into non-game situations, it becomes possible for managers and administrators to fine-tune every aspect of the operation, from boosting CRM engagement to incentivizing specific user behaviors.

Here are three ways to use gamification to engage your employees:


If you’ve ever used a loyalty punch card at your favorite sub shop or racked up frequent flyer miles, then you’ve participated in a rewards system. You’ve been “gamified.”

Gamification plays on the human tendencies to want to get involved in games and to earn rewards.

Have your customer service agents been dragging their feet to log all calls in your CRM? Give out gift cards for a job well done or add a gamification engine to your CRM (such as Splash for SugarCRM or Flare Gamification for Zendesk) to give rewards for logging calls. Whether they rack up points to put toward a Starbucks gift card, a PTO day or a new grill, your employees will work toward their reward.


To better understand the competitive side of gamification, just think about school.

Did you ever have a teacher that divided the class into teams, with the winning team getting prizes or ribbons? Or, can you remember getting a gold star when you answered a question right during class?

It’s the same thing with businesses. Teachers use competition to motivate their students to produce their best work. Managers use competition to do the same for their employees.

Businesses can create contests for individuals or teams. Even if you have a team member that doesn’t care about being the best, they probably will still work toward at least not being the worst.


Have you ever seen a proud Boy Scout or Girl Scout showing off all the badges on his or her vest? Do you ever smile when your Fitbit shows you a new badge for walking 80,000 miles or the equivalent of climbing a mountain?

Let your employees take pride in mastering new skills, too.

Need help with user adoption? Want more information on how gamification can help your business? Contact FayeBSG today.

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