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Use Cases For SMS Marketing

Use cases for SMS marketing

By now you’ve likely received a variety of text-based communications from businesses you frequent in one form or another.

Just off the top of my head, I get texts from my dentist, my primary care physician, my gym, my car dealership, my wireless provider, my bank, my book store, my daughters pre-school….I’m probably leaving maybe one or two off this list.

If you’re thinking of incorporating texting in your business strategy you may be wondering what are some common use cases for SMS marketing? The short answer is that SMS Marketing spans vertical markets, but we wanted to provide some concrete examples for you here.

The beauty of SMS is simple – not only is it universally used, but can serve literally every industry in the market. Sending a text is a much more efficient, cost-effective, and streamlined way to communicate with customers and leads, and to communicate internal processes as well. Let’s paint the full picture of how SMS can power new interactions, regardless of industry.


  • Payment or appointment reminders
  • Update warranty or recall alerts
  • Notify contacts of sales, promotions, and special offers


  • Send tips & tricks for utility cost savings
  • Remind customers of an upcoming service visit
  • Send updates on outages and expected restoration times


  • Send appointment or prescription refill reminders
  • 2-step notification via SMS for patient confirmation
  • Coordinate staff scheduling if demands change


  • Send incentive-based call to actions to leads
  • Re-engage cold leads with relevant content
  • Deliver personalized thank you’s for joining demos


  • Encourage donations for your organization
  • Send reminders for upcoming events and fundraisers
  • Deliver emergency warnings or evacuation notices in a crisis


  • Run keyword campaigns on yard signs encouraging leads to inquire
  • Send bulk SMS to contacts with interest rate updates & other info
  • Communicate with leads for information gathering and admin tasks


  • Advertise new menu items or pairings
  • Communicate upcoming events and special promotions
  • Confirm reservations and wine lists, seasonal dishes & drinks


  • Advertise sales and events with your contact list
  • Promote popular products back in stock
  • Upsell to past customers with relevant items


  • Send reminders for schedule changes, grades posted, lunch menu, etc.
  • Communicate with parents, students, and staff during emergencies
  • Share updates on events, fundraisers, activities, and more


  • Updates on ticket sales, tailgate times, promotional nights, etc
  • Send real-time notifications on score updates
  • Give player updates, starting lineups, and more


  • Send info on parking and downloadable maps
  • Inform staff of resource needs on location
  • Request additional volunteers for events

Next Steps

Reach out to us to learn more about how to incorporate SMS Marketing in your business.

~Data via Adam Johnson, Ytel. 

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