By : Jesse Heller | May 22, 2021 |

What’s the difference between working with Faye and directly with the software provider?

We love our software vendors. They are our people, but we also know that out-of-the-box software configurations don’t work like they used to. We make the best software in the world even better.  

Generally speaking, when you purchase your software directly from the vendor, you are securing your user licenses. With Faye, you’re securing an implementation partner.  

Our team has vast experience from industry use cases to complex integration expertise, so you can get the most from your software.  

We help businesses design their software implementation to match workflows within their teams while adding automation and enhancements to speed up traditionally slow processes. We don’t stop where the platform stops. We keep pushing until solutions are found and the harder it gets, the more excited we get. 

We integrate systems so they speak to each other. Integrating software into a company’s tech stack delivers more opportunities to consolidate reporting, gain data driven insight and find new opportunities. We go above and beyond for you because that’s what you deserve.