By : Asher Wenrich | July 21, 2021 |

What do we have to do for our project to succeed?

Your involvement is key to success. Our team is absolutely responsible for the heavy lifting, but our process is a collaborative one. Why? Because to ensure we are building the software and integrations you need, we need your input.  

Here are some ways we require involvement from our clients: 

  • Regular communication cadence with the core implementation team, specifically check-ins with the Project Manager/Project Sponsor. 
  • Timely pass-off of requested information. 
  • Testing and confirmation or feedback documentation of implemented functionality and migrated data. 
  • Participation in training (independent, peer-to-peer, and Faye-facilitated).
  • Master the ability to perform basic admin. functions in software 
  • Be responsible for managing cross-department collaboration and decision-making on software maintenance, modifications, and enhancements. 
  • Ensuring all stakeholders adhere to requests and project deadlines