The global healthcare industry is in the middle of a technology revolution, not just in the context of medicine and research, but also with data care and patient engagement. At Faye, we have decades of experience helping healthcare companies navigate this everchanging environment.

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Building your software success

How we help
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    Software selection & CX strategy

    Having CRM and practice management software is not enough. It must be set up and aligned to a CX strategy. Faye unlocks the full potential of your software and empowers your team to succeed.

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    Data management & patient engagement

    Integrate data, automate processes and drive clear patient communications. For healthcare providers, reducing gaps, creating efficiencies and maintaining an excellent patient experience is crucial.

  • Deployment & migration

    From data migration to new software deployment, Faye helps you map and improve your internal processes using software in the best way possible.

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    Onboarding, training & support

    Software needs to evolve with you, and the way it’s used is essential to success. Whether onsite or remote, Faye provides ongoing training, onboarding, refreshers and technical support, all year round.

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    Integration & evolution

    Integrating your entire software ecosystem helps you capitalize on data insights, deploy compliance measures across the board and scale easily over time. Faye’s pre-built software integrations and custom software development team help you connect and integrate any two systems.

challenges we

Every healthcare practice and enterprise is unique,
but they share common concerns and needs.
Compliance, data protection and quality of care
remain the most important issues for the industry –
Faye helps healthcare businesses propel software
adoption to new levels.


Nothing is more important than the security of your patients’ private health information.
Achieving and maintaining HIPAA compliance is the combination of a systems architecture with
ongoing audit and maintenance. Faye is well versed in HIPAA compliance, helping you
reach and maintain this level of best practice.


Innovation in healthcare often surrounds treatment breakthroughs, medical devices and
research advancements, but the patient experience remains one of the most important
considerations for healthcare companies. Quality of care assists in so many ways. When technology is deployed in the right way, it can reduce slippage and enhance your
communications clarity.


A well-known improvement in medical technology has been the standardization of electronic
health records (EHR). Moving away from the antiquated, paper-based record keeping of the
pre-digital era has allowed healthcare providers to modernize patient care. Connecting CRM
to EHR creates many options for healthcare providers to automate patient communications,
provide secure and easy access to records and enhanced reporting on data analytics.


If clear data pathways and reporting is configured, healthcare providers have the opportunity
to gain never-before-seen insights into patient care improvement.


It’s well documented how challenging the billing process can be for both patients and
providers. There’s often no simple answer, but software holds the key. Faye helps design
healthcare CX strategies from start to finish to cut through the complexity for the end user.

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