By : Asher Wenrich | October 11, 2016 |

Faye Releases Customer Access Sugar Hub for SugarCRM – October 11, 2016


Known for their innovative integrations with SugarCRM, the fastest growing CRM software package in the world, FayeBSG today announced the release of their newest Sugar productivity tool C.A.S.H., or Customer Access Sugar Hub – a portal for Sugar users.

CASH for Sugar is a portal that gives customers the ability to allow dozens, hundreds, or thousands of external parties to access key data in Sugar without taking on additional license costs. With CASH, organizations can give anyone limited access to CRM data that was previously inaccessible unless users were logged directly into Sugar.

See a live demo of CASH here.

Some of the features of CASH include:

  •     Users can be attached to one account or multiple accounts.
  •     Portal users can access up to 4 Sugar modules.
  •     Users define which modules are available for which users.
  •     Almost all modules are available for access, including custom modules.
  •     Almost all fields are available for access, including custom fields.
  •     Access is on a real-time basis. View data real-time. Make changes to data and have them appear in Sugar in real-time.

Visit to see all the features of CASH and contact Faye Business Systems Group to set up one-on-one demos of CASH.

About FayeBSG

FayeBSG is the #1 SugarCRM Partner in the world among 650+ global partners. As leading partners of QuickBase, NetSuite, Sage and Act-On, FayeBSG has been recognized by Inc. 5000, and CIO Review as one of 20 most promising CRM and ERP solutions providers for 2015. FayeBSG specializes in a variety of custom software solutions to meet client needs. Services include software development, project management, packaged software implementations, custom software implementations, integration, consulting, training, and support.

Known for their breadth of SugarCRM Integration Add-On Products and custom software solutions, FayeBSG has built Sugar integrations with ERP software, credit card processing, project management, phone systems, and more. Specializing in extensive multi-layered CRM, ERP and marketing integrations, FayeBSG concentrates on a wide array of high value CRM, ERP and marketing automation development and consulting services.

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