Faye Business Systems Group, a Zendesk Partner and Solutions Provider, has today announced the availability of Flare for Zendesk, which connects any existing software to the Zendesk Suite via its integration with Zendesk Sunshine.

Flare can connect multiple sources of customer data, IOT diagnostics, product, logistics, ERP and accounting information into Sunshine. Subsequently, Flare delivers a true 360-degree view of the end-user.

Features and Benefits of Flare for Zendesk include:

Without opening new tabs, users can check stock levels and locations, purchase history, credits/discount eligibility, and much more, ensuring fast and accurate support of your clients. Use data from external sources to trigger workflows, automatically notify team members or clients of critical events, and configure views for customer service managers and executives that need to track quality assurance history across many product lines.

To learn more about Flare for Zendesk Sunshine, visit https://fayebsg.com/are-for-zendesk/ or visit the Zendesk App Marketplace here.

About Faye Business Systems Group

FayeBSG is a global technology company that helps companies grow by successfully creating, customizing, implementing, and managing industry leading customer experience, CRM, and ERP software platforms to meet ever evolving business needs.

In addition to being a leading partner with Zendesk, FayeBSG is also partners with SugarCRM, Salesforce, Sage, and Hubspot.

Services include project management, software implementations, consulting, training, custom development, support, and more.

Original press release can be found, here.