Flare Sentiment Analysis for Zendesk®
Your Customer Service workflows enhanced by Machine Learning.

Flare Sentiment

Flare Sentiment Analysis

Flare Sentiment Analysis is a sophisticated Machine Learning app that scans messages for indicative keywords and phrases, and lets you know if the sender seems to be in a positive, negative, or neutral mood. In both a Basic and Professional edition, agents will receive a custom display indicator of the emotions before they’ve even read the message. This is a valuable method of prioritizing your messages and will take your Customer Service workflows to the next level.

Core Features of Flare Sentiment Analysis

  • Automatically analyze messages for the sender’s sentiment
  • Gauge sentiment on each response to support tickets and watch mood improve as solutions are presented
  • Categorizes the sentiment into positive, negative, neutral and mixed
  • Legacy communications can be analyzed – useful for training purposes
  • Analyze not only single messages, but whole dialogues as well

Flare Sentiment Analysis
Basic vs. Pro

Flare Sentiment Analysis is available in both a Basic and Professional edition. Both versions enhance agents with proactive data and analysis of incoming messages to take your Customer Service workflows to the next level.

Here are the core feature set differences between the Basic and Professional editions.

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Zendesk Compatibility

Flare Sentiment Analysis is built on Zendesk Sunshine. Contact us to discuss your Zendesk subscription and eligibility for Zendesk Sunshine.

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