Flare Translate for Zendesk®
Instantly translate support messages
in over 100 different languages.


Flare Translate

Flare Translate shows you a real-time translation of your received messages in over 100 different languages. Based on the Google Translator API, Flare Translate is a convenient, and efficient way to support a multilingual customer base.

Combining Flare Sentiment Analysis with Flare Translate results in a powerful set of tools for your organization to expand its reach into new markets.

Core Features of Flare Translate

  • Support of over 100 different languages
  • Seamless integration into Zendesk UI
  • Choose your default language pair, i.e., Spanish-English, and select others on the fly
  • Uses Google Cloud Services, the world’s most trusted translation engine
  • Immediate translation results

Benefits of Flare Translate

  • Simplifies tasks for teams servicing multilingual customers
  • No need to leave the Zendesk UI to copy/paste blocks of text
  • Immediately available translation prevents misunderstandings
  • Can help employees improve their language skills
  • Expand your market with global capabilities

Flare Translate
Your Multilingual Support Tool

  • Say goodbye to the inconvenience of switching between platforms for translations
  • A valuable resource to reduce misunderstandings between employees and customers
  • Arm your managers with an easier delegation of tickets by non-native representatives

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