The Faye Salesforce Integration for Sage 100 seamlessly syncs data between Sage 100 and Salesforce breaking the barrier of siloed ERP and CRM systems.

$3,999 Per Year & Instance

( *additional set up fees might apply )

Salesforce Sage 100 Integration

The Faye Salesforce Sage 100 Integration functions on a bi-directional sync of Customers/Accounts and Contacts between the two systems, which eliminates the need for double entry (as well as prevent user errors associated with double entry). The sync of Sage sales history data to Salesforce brings customer insight into the CRM which can be leveraged by both sales and marketing teams.

Key features & benefits

  • Two-way integration for Sage Customers/Salesforce Accounts
  • Two-way integration for Contacts
  • Synchronize customer sales history, customer item sales history, customer product line sales history, and inventory sales history from Sage to Salesforce
  • Sage Invoice History to Salesforce sync
  • Sage Sales Order History to Salesforce sync
  • Support for multiple Sage company codes (within a single Sage instance)
  • Elimination of double entry
  • Visibility of Sage sales data within Salesforce
  • Visibility of Sage customer accounting statistics in Salesforce
  • And then there’s more…


  • The Salesforce Sage 100 Integration is compatible with Sage versions 4.4 and up.
  • Sage 100 can be hosted anywhere.
  • Data consistency is the responsibility of the end user.

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