The SugarCRM Paya Integration is an integrated CRM payments solution. Paya’s secure and reliable payments solutions brings Sugar Users a best-in-class technology and easy-to-implement business solution for payments processing visibility inside a CRM platform.

Sugar Paya

Paya Integration for Sugar

The Faye SugarCRM Paya Integration Application allows you to securely enter credit card billing information in Paya from within SugarCRM. Paya users are able to charge and authorize credit cards for specific amounts. When using this CRM enhancement your client profiles and billing information will be organized and safely stored for easy access.

Key Benefits

  • Safe and simple credit card transactions that are in compliance with all credit card laws
  • Protection of all your client profiles and billing information
  • Create quick and easy profiles with credit card data for all your customer quotes
  • Avoid re-entering billing information for returning clients
  • Fast and secure client billing and reprocessing of payments
  • Easy updating of all customer billing information
  • Ability to authorize and charge cards from Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, and Quotes*
  • Ability to place authorize and charge buttons in custom locations

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