With SugarCRM Integrated with Mautic, your CRM team will benefit from having key marketing intelligence from Mautic directly embedded inside of Sugar.

SugarCRM Mautic Integration

Mautic Sales and Marketing Intelligence

With Mautic and Sugar Integrated your Sales team will have access to key marketing intelligence identified by Mautic right within SugarCRM. This allows your sales team to visualize valuable marketing data when engaging with a prospect or client.

Mautic Marketing Automation for Sugar

Mautic helps teams gather important contact information, optimize and replicate campaigns, and ultimately, report on results. With Mautic integrated in Sugar, your empowering your out of their daily silos, and provides team members the freedom to move quickly and adapt easily to changing business needs.

Key Benefits

  • Bi-directional sync between Mautic and Sugar
  • Duplication prevention systems
  • Hot-lead scoring and notification systems
  • Access Mautic campaigns in Sugar

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