The Visual Property Manager (VPM) for SugarCRM gives Property Managers a visual representation of crucial property data that you store in your CRM. This is a Property Management tool built with customer relationship management in mind, which means not only can manage your property, but you can also do all of your lead and prospect tracking.

Visual Property Manager

Visual Property Manager

Run the Visual Property Manager application on an iPad or any internet browser, and see a graphical interface of all your commercial real estate properties by floor or unit. Get up to the minute visual information on: Lease start dates, end dates, tenancy status, square footage…anything you need to know about your building.


The Visual Property Manager gives you a graphical interface of all the floors and units within your building. The dashboard allows you to color code your data such as occupied units, vacancies, leases coming up for expiration and more. You also get the same visibility of the data that you store within Sugar. Easily make changes to units in Sugar, and then simply click on any unit within the application to view real time updates.

Enhanced Access

Simply click on any unit within the app to see detailed property information. Then easily make changes and updates to all units within Sugar, so your entire team can have up to the minute visibility into each of your buildings, all within the VPM app.

A Property Management Solution for Sugar

Where the Visual Property Manager Application differentiates from traditional property management software, is that VPM is powered by Sugar, which means it was built to enhance your entire teams access to critical customer information, allowing everyone to create extraordinary customer relationships. You can completely customize what your legend colors mean, what areas of the floor plan equals which suite number and easily upload your own images of your own buildings floor plan at any time.


  • Visual view of all suites or units in a property -View can be by floor or by property
  • Manage lead and prospect tracking
  • Graphical interface to access all unit/suite data contained in Sugar
  • Unlimited number of locations or properties
  • Unlimited floors per property
  • Unlimited suites/units per floor
  • Color coding of units by status
  • Accessible on an iPad or via any internet browser

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