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Virtual Whiskey Tasting with Faye, Zendesk & Haptik

Dec 6th, 2022 Tuesday
2:00 PM to 3PM PST / Los Angeles

At this Invite-only virtual event, we’ll provide the materials needed, while our whiskey expert guides you through interactive and educational demos of 4 different whiskeys. Plus, you’ll get a chance to connect with some of the Faye, Zendesk and Haptik teams as well as some fellow whiskey fans (all in the comfort of your own home).

The kit will include everything you need for the event (including the alcohol) so all you have to do is log in! We look forward to seeing you there. This event is USA invite only and the invitation is non-transferable.

Event Schedule
  • Zendesk Welcome
  • Guided Whiskey tasting with Rusty
  • Networking
  • Event Conclusion

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