By : Quinn Bingham | June 20, 2022 | 3 min read

5 Customer Relationship Management Trends For Sales Teams

Woman discussing customer relationship management on phone

Still looking for the perfect Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool for sales management? It can be challenging when there are many platforms to choose from that each offer different features for your business. Hopefully, this article will help make the decision easier.

We’ll cover the five most important trends in CRM sales software, and explain how each of them can help your sales team save time, enhance their approach, and close more deals.

While there are many trends to watch in the rapidly changing CRM industry, we’ll stick to the five that are most relevant to your sales team. In broad strokes, it’s all about automation and personalization — but we’ll take an in-depth look at each of the trends below.

1. Using Data to Personalize Sales Outreach

The more you know about your clients, the more personalized you can make your sales and marketing approach. More than half of your competitors use their CRM to collect customer data they can use to improve their targeting. Think email open rates, content downloads, and event registrations. That data will help your sales team understand which prospects to focus on.

2. Using Artificial Intelligence for Automation

AI is a massive time-saver, particularly when it concerns collecting data and automating workflows. You can also use it to generate leads, manage your pipeline, make forecasts, and schedule meetings. It’ll greatly reduce the time your sales team has to spend on research and admin, which means they can focus on what they do best: selling.

3. Using Chatbots to Engage Clients

Self-servicing isn’t only used in grocery stores. CRM chatbots can be a great addition to your CRM sales system because they can quickly answer client questions and gather valuable information. Not only can that be used by your sales team to engage with clients more efficiently, but it’ll also help the chatbots themselves to predict future client requests and needs.

4. Using Mobile Customer Relationship Management tools While Traveling

Although sales can be made from the comfort of your office, it’s often necessary for sales reps to venture outside to meet and engage with clients. That’s where a mobile CRM for sales teams comes in handy. Regardless of whether your sales reps are at an event, in a meeting, or on the go, they’ll be able to access resources and update their pipeline without the need for a laptop.

5. Using Social Media for Lead Generation

Although mostly the domain of your marketing team, social media can be a great lead generation and business intelligence resource for your sales team. Social CRMs are the tools you need to make the most of that resource. Your sales reps will be able to see where in the sales cycle a particular prospect is and further personalize their sales approach.

Which Customer Relationship Management Trends Will You Implement?

The best CRM for sales is the one that’ll enable you to take advantage of the trends we’ve covered in this guide. Fortunately, we’ve partnered with all of the best CRM & CX solution providers, so head over to our partnership page and have a look at how a CRM can take your business to the next level.