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Go beyond traditional managed services

Axia elevates the concept of traditional managed services by bundling Faye’s capabilities and expertise into one annual or monthly subscription, empowering your organization with continuous improvements at a fixed flat rate fee. Unlike other software support providers, Faye doesn’t just settle for simple issue resolution and maintenance. We take it a step further by continuously optimizing your platform, transforming your application from something that just checks a box to a total game changing solution.

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Axia includes

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    & Planning

    CRM & CX strategy to take the power of your software and maximize its potential within your business.

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    Configuration & Deployment

    Moving beyond out-of-the-box
    and configuring your implementation to your bespoke business needs, including integration with your software stack.

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    Adoption & Accountability

    Refreshers, onboarding programs, a training academy and dedicated documentation make Axia a secret weapon in driving the ongoing value of your business.

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    Training & Optimization

    Quarterly reviews and regular
    training programs keep your teams up to date with the latest software features and any bespoke enhancements deployed into your instance.

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    Software & Services

    Priority level support, software to support integrations, and access to Faye’s library of software tools to drive better user adoption and effectiveness.

One size never fits all

With several Axia package options to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the perfect fit for your organization. We can also work with you to customize features and processes to ensure that there is an Axia
package that is the perfect match for your organization. Find out which Axia package suits you best!

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why axia?

Cost Predictability

Easier budgeting and cost estimates with our clear pricing structure.

Team of Experts

No need to depend on a single resource, we can manage and maintain your platform for you!

Scalability & Flexibility

Adjust the level of service as your requirements evolve without the burden of renegotiating contracts.

Improved Efficiency

Ensure projects are completed quickly without feeling bound by the number of hours contracted.

Expertise & Specialization

Our experts have extensive knowledge in deploying, managing, and optimizing leading CRM and CX platforms.

Ongoing System Maintenance

Minimize downtime and maximize your software’s performance.

Continuous Improvement & Innovation

Stay current with industry trends though our new features, tools, and add-ons.

Reduced Administrative Burden

Streamline administrative processes and consolidate billing and contract management into a single agreement.

Multi Application Support

You aren’t limited to a single application. Ensure you get support for the CRM and CX platforms you’re already using!

Focus on Core Business

Concentrate on your core business activities and leave the software management to us!

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