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Axia bundles our capabilities and expertise into one annual subscription. It drives ongoing value and optimization for your business beyond just implementation. With Axia, you receive access to strategy, support, training and optimization for your CRM or CX software.

Axia includes

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    & Planning

    Great software starts with strategy. From CX to workflows, integrations and adoption, it all requires planning – Clients use Axia to lean on the expertise and knowledge of Faye’s strategy team.

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    Configuration &

    Out of the box is a thing of the past. You need to configure and deploy software in ways that align with your bespoke business needs. Axia delivers the migration and integration of software into your software stack.

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    & Accountability

    Ongoing software success is measured by your ability to keep teams’ accountable to using it in the way it was intended. From onboarding to refreshers, documentation and check- ins, Axia ensures that we remain a partner for the long term.

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    & Optimization

    From new staff training to annual refreshers and strategy sessions, we keep your software dialed in to your individual and evolving needs and make sure it doesn’t get left behind.

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    Software & Services

    With access to Faye’s custom software division, Axia gives you what you need to solve the challenges of integrating software into your stack.

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Build for the future

From technical support to ongoing strategy, regular check-ins, onboarding and training, Axia is a revolutionary approach to ensuring your software gets better with age like a fine wine. You change and evolve and it’s imperative your software follows. As you grow, scale, build efficiencies and pivot, those changes are reflected in how you do work day-to-day. Software sits at the center and Axia takes the focus from hours to value. With Faye, you leverage the power of a globally awarded team as we become your partner, ready to help, plan and help you do the work of 1,000 with just 100.

Axia comes with options

Axia gives you flexibility, with the choice of up to seven package tiers to suit your unique needs.

  • Copper
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

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