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Flare transforms Zendesk into a customizable and data integrated platform with 360-degree tech stack visibility.

Over 300+ End Point Integrations

With Flare, visualize, process, analyze, and interact with your third-party data inside of Zendesk using Flare. Flare supports data connections from your on prem solutions, custom ERP and over 300 ERP and CRM platforms.

Flare by Faye logo

Flare supercharges Zendesk by
connecting third-party systems to
your favorite Zendesk tools like Sell, Support and the Sunshine platform.

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Built by the
zendesk solutions
partner of the year

  • Master Zendesk Partner Solutions Development Partner of the Year 2020 award

Flare is the missing piece

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The power
of Flare

  • Import Data From Anywhere

    Zendesk synchronizes customer record data from 300+ platforms and legacy systems, so you can see it in Zendesk.

  • Display Data Everywhere

    Interact with cross-platform contextual customer data across the entire Zendesk ecosystem.

  • Sync Within Zendesk

    Synchronize your customer record across all Zendesk tools using Flare as the central data hub.

  • Two-Way, Real-Time Data Sync

    Don’t just display data. Interact with and change it, to maintain complete data integrity across all your systems.

  • Design Data Views With No Code

    Use our pre-built industry templates or build pane of glass data views that are fit for purpose using our powerful and no-code studio designer.

  • Power Up Sunshine For Zendesk

    For companies using Sunshine for Zendesk, Flare augments the feature set with robust external system data integration.

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    Connect your data directly to Zendesk apps or through Zendesk Sunshine

    Zendesk Sunshine is the CRM that connects data throughout all Zendesk’s CX tools. With Flare, feed data directly into your Zendesk views or into Sunshine for processing, analysis and distribution to all your Zendesk users.

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    Synchronize and interact with all data into one location

    Synchronize your user data within the Zendesk tools you use using Flare. View, interact with and change your out-of- Zendesk data from within your customer views. Flare powers bi-directional synchronization so you have real-time views on the data that matters 24/7.

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    Customize Zendesk data views with no-code studio panel designer

    Use Flare Studio to unlock the true power of Flare within your Zendesk ecosystem. Flare Studio enables custom views, custom layouts and new panes designed within your Zendesk views. Synchronize customer records and bring to life external data by showing it within Zendesk with no code required.