HIPAA-Compliant CRM & CX Services

Provide exceptional patient experiences, connect care teams, and improve patient outcomes with our HIPAA-compliant CRM & CX services.

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connect care teams with
a 360º view of the patient

Healthcare personnel communicate with hundreds of patients, coworkers, payer networks, billing departments, and more each day.

We’ll help you connect your teams so they can:

  • Communicate across care teams, organizational departments, and with outside stakeholders.
  • Ensure everyone on a patient’s care team can see relevant data to perform their job.
  • Improve care coordination throughout your entire organization for a seamless patient experience.

Improve patient outcomes and experiences

Being able to view a patient’s entire care history allows you to provide more personalized patient experiences and can even improve patient outcomes.

We can enable your staff to:

  • Quickly understand a patient’s care needs and proactively intervene to improve care outcomes.
  • Reduce billing confusion among patients and get payments faster by integrating relevant billing software into your CRM platform.
  • Enhance your call center and self-service technology so patients can find answers or get immediate care when necessary.

HIPAA-compliant CRM

Faye is a HIPAA compliant provider. We know that protecting your patient’s sensitive PHI is important.

How we ensure HIPAA compliancy across your tech stack:

  • Set up role-based permissions and create documentation so that only the necessary people can view and update patient information.
  • Ensure you are only using technology that meets applicable privacy and data protection laws (HIPAA, SOC2, and more).
  • Perform ongoing audits and maintenance to ensure you remain compliant.

HIPAA Compliance can be confusing when it comes to software. Download our eBook, How to Master HIPAA Compliance to get started.

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Integrate EHR and
CRM platforms

CRM and CX software should enhance your EHR to make your patient data more powerful.

We have proven experience helping organizations integrate their EHR systems and other healthcare tech like medical devices, appointment booking platforms, and call centers into their CRM and CX platforms.

We integrate your systems so you can:

  • Automate patient communications like appointment reminders and test results.
  • View all of your critical patient data in one central location so you can spend less time gathering information, and more time treating patients.
  • Enhance data accuracy and improve reporting efforts.

Review & visualize
patient data

Having accurate patient data is the secret to improving patient outcomes and satisfaction. When your systems work together, your team gains access to powerful analytics that help guide planning and decision making.

Our consultants will help you:

  • Create clear data pathways to ensure accurate data and reduce data duplication .
  • Configure reports and dashboards to measure what matters most to your organization.

How can CRM & CX software help you improve patient experiences and outcomes? Download our eBook to find out!

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