Software needs to evolve as you do.
You don’t need a service provider.
You need a partner. That’s why we built Axia by FayeTM.

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Making the best software in the world even better.

A subscription for Salesforce strategy, support and optimization.

Axia for Salesforce leverages Faye’s global Salesforce team and bundles capabilities and tools into an annual subscription. Axia is our partnership model and helps you master Salesforce inside of your business to drive improved productivity and revenues.

AXIA by Faye
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Axia training academy for teams
  • Regular training slots
  • New release advisory
  • User adoption coach
  • Quarterly business reviews
  • Priority support level
  • Services discounts
  • Axia tools for Salesforce
  • Software enhancement library

Axia for Salesforce includes

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    & Planning

    For Salesforce

    CX strategy to take the power of Salesforce and maximize its potential within your business.

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    Configuration & Deployment

    For Salesforce

    Moving beyond out-of-the-box
    and configuring your implementation of Salesforce to your bespoke business needs, including integration with your software stack.

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    Adoption & Accountability

    For Salesforce

    Refreshers, onboarding programs, a training academy and dedicated documentation make Axia a secret weapon in driving the ongoing value of Salesforce in your business.

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    Training & Optimization

    For Salesforce

    Quarterly reviews and regular
    training programs keep your teams up to date with the latest Salesforce features and any bespoke enhancements deployed into your instance.

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    Software & Services

    For Salesforce

    Priority level support, access to
    Faye’s custom software division and a suite of software tools to drive better integration and enhancements.

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Axia is the ultimate embodiment of our purpose “We Eat Software”.

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