Axia + Freshworks

Development, strategy, support, training, and optimization services for Freshworks—all within one annual subscription.

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Drive ongoing value and optimization for your support team and overall business with Freshworks strategy, support, and training services.

Axia by Faye™ bundles our Freshworks capabilities into one annual subscription, ensuring your Freshworks software grows with you.

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Scale Freshworks as you grow

Freshworks success is found through a clear strategy, consistent execution, and software expertise. Axia includes ongoing strategy and planning to make sure your system grows with you.

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Increase Freshworks user adoption

If you’re paying for Freshworks licenses and they’re not being used, you’re throwing money away. Continual adoption and utilization efforts are needed to keep your tools tuned up and singing.

Axia’s user training, ongoing support, Q&A, and adoption initiatives are protection against failure.

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Budget and plan with predictability

One of the hardest parts of keeping software working for your organization is getting approval and budget for maintenance and optimization projects.

Axia’s annual subscription model means you only need to develop and get approval for one budget every year. This will save you time, save you money, and help you get more strategic value out of Freshworks.

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Proactive Freshworks strategy and planning

Great software starts with strategy. Through Axia, you gain access to a dedicated account manager that leads monthly Freshworks strategy sessions and quarterly business reviews to create a Freshworks success plan that speaks to your organization’s unique goals.

Freshworks configuration, migration, and deployment

Out of the box is a thing of the past. Through Axia, you gain access to a team of configuration, migration, and deployment experts that will help you get your Freshworks software running properly and speaking with the other apps in your software stack.

Freshworks end-user & admin training and adoption

User adoption is key to Freshworks success. Through Axia, you receive Freshworks onboarding and refresher trainings for your end-users and admins as well as usage reports to hold your users accountable and make sure they adopt and use Freshworks effectively.

Freshworks software and process optimization

It’s not easy keeping up with the myriad of day-to-day tasks it requires to keep Freshworks running optimally. Our team helps Axia clients handle important Freshworks updates and reviews new features that would be beneficial for your team to implement.

Priority Freshworks support

As an Axia client, your support tickets will receive priority follow-up, meaning you will get the fastest response times available on any questions, requests, or issues you have. Faster Freshworks support means less downtime and more efficiency for your team.


Faye has completed over 1,000 successful CRM and CX software projects. Our depth of expertise is showcased through a library of custom-built software enhancements, tools, and integrations used by 100,000+ users every day.

As a 10-time Inc. 5000 winner and member of the CRN Solutions Provider 500 List, we know software implementation, integration, and support like the back of our hands.

To learn more about our CRM qualifications, please view our Awards Page.

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