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Whether you’re exploring Zendesk as a new solution or seeking to enhance your current Zendesk configuration to meet your specific needs, Faye has got you covered! 

Regardless of where you are on your customer experience journey, we specialize in all things Zendesk to help streamline and support processes to improve your client experience. 

Our Zendesk Offerings

Implementations & Jump Start Packages

Get up and running on Zendesk without the stress and potential pitfalls of doing it yourself. Our Zendesk implementation services focus on integrating your other software into Zendesk and making sure your processes are set up to drive customer support success.

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Software + Process Optimization

Make sure your software works the way you need it to with a Zendesk Software + Process Optimization. Our experts work with you to define the steps you need to take to drive your Zendesk system from its current state to the ideal state you need it to be in to drive organizational efficiency.

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Migration Services

Our team of experts will seamlessly transition your business from its existing customer support or helpdesk systems to Zendesk, ensuring a smooth and efficient transfer of data, configurations, and workflows. We will ensure your business can confidently adopt Zendesk while minimizing disruptions to customer support operations.

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Custom Application Development

Adding Zendesk into your tech stack is not enough to start seeing results. Our team of Zendesk experts help you seamlessly weave it into the fabric of your organization, linking it with other platforms and solutions you are already using today. With these customized integrations, you can streamline support, delivered tailored customer experiences, centralize access to critical client data, and so much more!

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Evaluation & Procurement Services

Our software evaluation and procurement services go beyond mere negotiation; we act as your trusted advocate to ensure you secure the best deals with software vendors. By partnering with us, you gain access to preferred pricing and terms, ensuring your investment drives maximum value and aligns with your business goals.

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Connect your Freshworks application to the rest of your tech stack. Our integrations allow you to build seamless bridges between the software you’re already using today to enhance interoperability between your CRM and your other software investments. By integrating your Freshworks application with your existing systems, you can unlock new efficiencies, streamline processes, and facilitate smoother data flow across platforms.

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Faye Add-Ons for Zendesk

GPT Agent Assist for Zendesk

Our AI-powered tool that can expedite response times and elevate accuracy using AI knowledge and your help center resources. GPT Agent Assist suggests relevant support responses from your documentation and includes pertinent help center articles, reducing incoming tickets and streamlining support workflows.

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Zoom Phone for Zendesk

Empower your support teams to deliver exceptional service with effortless access to Zoom’s advanced features, such as crystal-clear audio and video calls, webinars, and virtual meetings, all without leaving the Zendesk environment. This ensures that you can efficiently manage customer interactions, resolve issues, and enhance productivity, creating a win-win situation for both your team and your clients.

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Zendesk Expertise

Zendesk Support enhances customer service with personalization, ensuring meaningful connections across all channels. It scales with your growth, welcoming new teams and global expansions securely. Equipped for excellence, Zendesk builds loyalty and boosts revenue through exceptional support.

Zendesk Sell streamlines sales and CRM processes with its web-based and mobile platform, enabling seamless collaboration across sales, marketing, and support teams. This integrated sales CRM boosts productivity, offers insights into customer behaviors, and supports data-driven decisions, optimizing every sales opportunity.

Any other Zendesk-related needs? We’ve got you covered! At Faye, we specialize in all things Zendesk to alleviate headaches and deliver the CX results you’re looking for.

Axia for Zendesk

Axia elevates the concept of traditional managed services by bundling Faye’s capabilities and expertise into one annual or monthly subscription, empowering your organization with continuous improvements at a fixed, flat-rate fee.

Unlike other Zendesk support providers, Faye doesn’t just settle for simple issue resolution and maintenance. We take it a step further by continuously optimizing your platform, transforming your application from something that just checks a box to a total game-changing solution. 

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