Secure, flexible and powerful hosting

That’s built for SugarCRM, by the world’s largest SugarCRM partner. Deploy SugarCRM in the cloud securely and at speed using SugarCRM hosting by Faye. With your SugarCRM instance hosted virtually in an environment pre-configured for your needs, you’ll always have full access to your CRM data, anytime and any place.

SugarCRM hosting by Faye is a cloud-based, pre-configured, and specialized hosting environment that has been built specifically for SugarCRM deployments. As the most awarded and referred SugarCRM implementation partner in the world, Faye understands SugarCRM like no other business and is uniquely qualified to ensure that your virtual deployment of SugarCRM can be accessed quickly and securely, with the full power of SugarCRM at your fingertips, no matter where your team is. As your business expands, your hosting plan grows with you.

Hosting Services Include

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    Enterprise reliability

    Guaranteed uptime with lightning-fast access speeds, accessing SugarCRM with Faye’s hosting cloud is easy to deploy and ready to go.

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    Optimized & secure

    Developed and optimized to safeguard your cloud experience with a faster and more secure CRM experience.

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    Configured for SugarCRM

    Our hosted environment is specifically configured, designed, and deployed for the purpose of implementing SugarCRM. Every detail is taken care of, so it’s plug and play.

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    HIPAA compliant

    SugarCRM hosting by Faye can also be HIPAA compliant and built with data integrations in mind. Pass data safely and seamlessly to, through and from your SugarCRM instance to your application ecosystem.

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    Safety & support

    Daily and/or weekly backups of your SugarCRM environment ensures complete snapshot protection. And, with a 4-hour response time for critical production-related issues and a 24-hour response time for non-critical issues, Faye is a proven and reliable partner to support your SugarCRM journey.

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