The push for speed while maintaining accuracy has created fresh challenges for the logistic industry. Faye helps logistic businesses just like yours create certainty and quality assurance using the power of software.

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    Software selection & CX strategy

    Don’t settle for just having sales, marketing and service software in place. With Faye, software is set up and configured in ways that unlock its full potential, aligned it to a succinct and precise CX strategy.

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    Logistics & supply chain optimization

    Achieve greater software effectiveness with cross-platform data integration, process automation and stronger communication tools to ensure your business moves faster.

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    Deployment & migration

    Migrate your data and deploy new software into your business with Faye. We configure features and build automation so your internal teams can do the work of many with just a few.

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    Onboarding, training & support

    Ongoing adoption is instrumental to software success. Whether onsite or remote, Faye provides ongoing training, onboarding, refreshers and technical support, all year round.

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    Integration and evolution

    Integrate your entire software ecosystem and scale easily over time. Faye’s pre-built software integrations and custom software development team help you get it right, the first time.

challenges we

The logistics industry is the underlying foundation of
the business world. It carries great weight and
responsibility, meaning performance and efficiency
are of the utmost importance.


With an enormous amount of data flowing in between systems every day, configuring your
software to capture, analyze and report will deliver access to new insight you can use.


Use historical data to forecast future customer needs, particularly as you scale. Great
software implementation gives you the power to view real-time data and make quick
decisions on the fly.


If recent years have taught us something, it’s that anything can happen. Faye focuses on
software strategies that offer more agility to pivot and adjust to situations as they occur.


Whether tariff schedules, warehousing inventory, shipping status or customer history,
access to correct data at the moment you need it is essential to fast-moving businesses that
rely on software for efficiency.


Transportation management systems are the beating heart of efficient logistics companies.
Advanced CRM integrations provide greater connectivity and visibility into loads, claims,
quotes and shipments. It also allows logistics companies to gain insight between front of
house and back of house operations.

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