At Faye, we recognize the disruption that technological change has brought to retail and e-commerce businesses. It’s more vital than ever to pursue efficiency, accuracy and productivity with customer expectations reaching all-time highs. That’s where Faye comes in.

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    Software selection & CX Strategy

    Your customer experience is front and center to success. It permeates every part of what you do. Faye helps elevate your digital CX strategy and custom fit your software implementation.

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    Logistics & supply chain optimization

    From product to sale, delivery and retention, Faye helps you achieve greater software effectiveness with real time integration of your data and tracking across all platforms. The result is faster, stronger and more profitable operations.

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    Deployment & migration

    Migrate data to new platforms or fix data inefficiencies that are slowing you down. Don’t go it alone. Faye implements new software with tailored precision.

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    Onboarding, training & support

    As you change, so will your software. Faye ensures your changing and growing workforce continue to use platforms the way they were intended, from training to onboarding, refreshers and technical support.

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    Integration and evolution

    For retail and e-commerce brands, the integration of your platforms are essential to worry-free operations. Integrate your entire software ecosystem using Faye’s pre-built software integrations and custom software development team.

The modern retail
and e-commerce
brand – challenges
we solve

Competition is high. Customer expectations are
high. The pressure is on for retail and e- commerce
and finding an edge is more important than ever.
Here’s some of the challenges we help businesses
and brands like yours solve.


Customers vote with their wallets. Timely, informative and personalized experiences are
vital to winning them over. Today, their expectations are the highest they’ve ever been, and
brands need customer-first CX strategies, deployed using robust software implementations.


Moving online is no longer competitive. It’s the baseline. Mastering online from inventory
controls to logistics, automation, service and optimized case management is the way
companies will win.


Increase and open up the channels of communication to allow your customers to connect
with you in their preferred way. How do you manage these many modes of communication
seamlessly and from one centralized hub?


Collate all customer data and touch points into one profile and use that data to personalize
an individual’s experience or forecast your future product pivots, based on demand signals.


With so many data points throughout a retail e-commerce business, true analysis requires
the integration of systems with clear dashboarding and reporting. The result – quicker and
more meaningful decisions can be made to capture opportunity and grow revenue.

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