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Moving Data Has Never Been Easier

Get the most valuable information where you need it with a proven and trusted migration framework and methodology. Our team of software experts ensure a seamless transition of your critical data into new systems, preserving integrity and enhancing accessibility.

Whether upgrading systems or consolidating platforms, we provide expert guidance every step of the way while minimizing disruptions and eliminating unnecessary downtime.

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Seamless Integration

Effortlessly migrate your data to new platforms, ensuring continuity, integrity, and zero downtime.

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Customized Strategy

Benefit from a tailored migration plan that aligns perfectly with your business objectives, facilitating a smooth transition without compromising productivity.

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Data Optimizations

Transform your data to enhance efficiency, accessibility, and insights, driving better, more informed decision-making.

Our Migration Process

Kickoff Call

In this 30-minute virtual meeting, you’ll get to meet your Faye Client Success Manager, pass off administrator credentials to your source/destination systems, and review any questions you may have.

Test Export

Your Client Success Manager will work with your assigned Engineer to connect to your source system (either a development or a production environment) and extract a copy of your data into a temporary database.

Test Import

From there, your Engineer will connect to your destination system (typically a development/sandbox environment), map data between the two systems in accordance with the data mapping document, and perform a test import of the data that was extracted from your source system.

Final Import

Once you’ve had a chance to review the data in your development environment and have approved migration to your production environment, your Engineer will connect to your production source system, extract a current version of the data to a temporary database, and use the same data mapping from the test import to complete a final import to your production destination system.

Project Closure

Our team will generate a final report showing how many records were migrated as part of the project, delete all temporary data stored on our systems, and your Engagement Manager will work with you to answer any final questions and determine if Faye can offer any further assistance with future projects.

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