Uncover and address inefficiencies in your sales, marketing, and support software.

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Maximize your CRM and CX investments

Ensure your software works the way you need it to. Our experts work with you to define the steps you need to take to enhance your current tech stack and boost ROI by optimizing system performance.

Whether you’re a mid-sized organization struggling to implement effective workflows or an enterprise running complex configurations across multiple brands, our Software + Process Optimization can provide you with a list of tangible steps to start making improvements immediately.

Make your Software Sing Like Celine Dion

Early Issue Detection

Identify and resolve potential issues before they escalate into major problems saving you valuable time and alleviating potential frustrations or downtime.

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Maximize Productivity

Transform the software applications you’re already using today into a more secure and reliable environment that is better tailored to your organization’s unique needs.

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Integrate Emerging Technologies

Add new technologies such as AI, automation, and analytics into your existing tech stack to improve overall productivity and eliminate process bottlenecks and inefficiencies.


Stage 1: Business Statistics and Software Use Assessment

During the first stage of the process, we’ll interview key team members to understand your tech stack and business strategy from a high level. We’ll gain an understanding of things like:

  • What’s your average ticket resolution time?
  • How are you leveraging data to make critical business decisions? 
  • How many automations do you have in place to drive efficiency? 
  • What are your burning system pain points?

Stage 2: Current State Review

During the second stage, we will take a deep dive into your tech stack by looking inside of your software and by reviewing reverse demos. We’ll do things like:

  • Review all of your integrations and custom solutions
  • Explore your reporting capabilities and reporting accuracy

Stage 3: Future State Review

Next, we will hold workshops with stakeholders to understand what you want the future of your sales, marketing, and support strategy and what you would like your tech stack to look like. We will use this information to determine your unique next steps and scaling requirements.

Stage 4: Next Steps Delivery

Finally, we will review all of the collected information to create a list of suggested next steps. We will present these next steps to your team and provide advice on the best way to ensure your team accomplishes them.

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