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With decades of hands-on experience, Faye has been a trusted partner for manufacturers worldwide. We get the ins and outs of the industry, understanding the unique challenges and needs that come with it. 

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Manufacturing challenges we solve

Manufacturers often look to six sigma, lean and automation to achieve greater efficiencies. Rarely is the sales or customer side communication considered. Faye helps you embrace software to create stronger workflows and exceptional customer experiences. 

Key Benefits

Master Relationship Management

Powerfully manage all your relationships from customers to vendors, suppliers and internal stakeholders.

Improve Sales Enablement

Empower your sales and customer-facing teams by using CRM as a central hub for certifications, customer documentation and relevant data sheets.

Support Your Longer Sales Cycle

Complex production requirements lead to longer sales cycles. Build fit-for-purpose CX experiences that cater to your specific sales approach – And use it to drive better forecasting.

Aggregate Customer Data

Updating and optimizing your CRM and service suite unlocks a wealth of customer data which until now, may have been left unanalyzed. Use data insight to create better go-to-market strategies, service your most important customer needs and present the right products and services to market.

Connect Your Systems

Standalone software is an island. With the mountains of activity and data moving through your business every day, integrating systems will create immense efficiencies and opportunities for insight.

How we help.

Software selection &
CX strategy

Unlock the full potential of your CRM and ERP solutions. Set up your team for success with a powerful customer experience strategy that exceeds expectations.

Logistics & Supply Chain

Improve software utilization by integrating your data, automating processes, identifying efficiency blocks and reducing the gaps in your customer journey.

Deployment &

From planning to deployment, Faye configures your software for greater efficiency and stronger customer satisfaction.

Training & Support

Whether onsite or remote, Faye provides ongoing training, onboarding, refreshers and technical support for your teams all year round. 

Integration &

Integrate CRM and ERP with your entire software ecosystem using the power of Faye’s prebuilt integrations and custom software development team.

Platforms we recommend

With its robust customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities, SugarCRM empowers businesses with a comprehensive platform that seamlessly integrates sales, marketing, and customer support, facilitating efficient and personalized interactions throughout the customer lifecycle.

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As a leading customer service and engagement platform, Zendesk offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies support processes. Its versatile features, including ticketing and knowledge base management, enable businesses to provide exceptional customer experiences while streamlining internal operations.

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Renowned as a pioneer in cloud-based CRM, Salesforce provides a scalable and customizable platform that supports sales, service, marketing, and more. With its powerful analytics and automation tools, Salesforce empowers organizations to build stronger customer relationships and drive business growth.

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A dynamic customer engagement platform, Freshworks offers a suite of tools for customer support, sales, and marketing. Its intuitive interface, combined with features like multi-channel support and automation, makes it a versatile choice for businesses seeking to enhance customer interactions and streamline their operations.

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Making the Best Software in the World Even Better

Go far beyond traditional managed services with Axia. By bundling Fayes capabilities and expertise into one annual or monthly subscription, your organization is empowered with continuous improvements at a fixed flat-rate fee. Unlike other software support providers, Faye doesnt just settle for simple issue resolution and maintenance. We take it a step further by continuously optimizing your platform, transforming your application from something that just checks a box to a solution that is a total game-changer

Axia by Faye

“Fast efficient service, knowledgeable team, concerned with my situation.”

Robert Molino Co-owner and Sales Manager

“I gave Faye a vision of what I wanted, and they implemented it perfectly.”

Tom Carroll CFO

“Just by looking at the numbers, you can see the dramatic change in our lives. It has been really, really good [working with Faye].”

Julie Shoup Marketing Applications Supervisor

Recognized for our excellence.

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