By : D'Andre Davis-Taylor | June 29, 2022 | 3 min read

CX and CRM Administration: Subscription Services vs. Pay by the Project 

When it comes to the administration of your CX or CRM system you are often given the choice of subscribing to a managed services program or paying for your needs individually by the project. The best choice out of the two however, usually comes down to the unique situation of your business. That is why in this blog we will dive deeper into these administration options to help you make the best choice. 

How do Software Managed Service Subscriptions Work? 

Software managed service subscriptions work by giving you and your team access to valuable tools and buckets of development hours on a monthly or yearly basis. Usually, subscription-based managed services begin with an initial onboarding call where you discuss everything you want to achieve with your software so that an expert can determine how many hours you will likely need to meet your goals. This differs significantly from the pay-by-the-project model since you are building a long-term roadmap with experts rather than approaching each project as a short-term endeavor.  

Beyond the tools, hours, and available experts, you also receive guaranteed response times and monthly to quarterly check-ins when using a managed service subscription for your software. 

How do Pay by the Project CX and CRM Administration Services Work?

Pay-by-the-project or T&M (Time and Materials) projects can be great solutions for short-term goals and initiatives. When choosing this approach for your CX or CRM administration, it is essential to remember that software changes often. So, while some projects can be carried out independently, they may need to be updated a few years later. 

Pay-by-the-project often does not include tools explicitly curated for your CRM or CX software to increase productivity. While you can hire an in-house team for these CRM and CX software needs, you won’t have access to as many expert resources. 

Which option is the best for my CRM or CX System? 

So, you might be asking, which option is best for me? Ultimately, having a subscription will give your team the most benefits. You will have specially curated tools, consultation time, and access to a group of experts in your specific software. Beyond this, the subscription lets you skip the process of scoping a project, reviewing paperwork, and making payments. You can schedule a consultation, express your goals, and get the ball rolling! 

As an example of the value a CX or CRM managed services subscription can offer, by opting for an entry level Axia subscription package you would gain:  

  • A dedicated account manager 
  • Consultation on strategy and best practices,  
  • Information on new releases 
  • Guaranteed response times 
  • Discounts on time and materials 

This all adds up to a value that a pay-by-the-project offering would not be able to compete with. 

Axia by Faye – Your One Stop Shop for CRM and CX Administration 

Axia by Faye is a subscription that gets you all the tools you need for success. With Faye’s global award-winning CX and CRM team available for consultations, you can be sure your software is in the best hands. With Axia, you can bundle tools that streamline workflows and reduce clicks with a bucket of hours that can be used to achieve your CRM and CX goals. 

The Axia annual subscription is a great option for companies with long-term CX or CRM goals who want a team of specialists to have their backs. Whether you’re on Sugar or Zendesk, Axia by Faye is an excellent choice for your CRM and CX solutions. 

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