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How to Automate Property Management Workflows

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If you work in the real estate industry, the chances are that you’re using a CRM to improve your workflows.

The problem? There’s always room for more improvement.

We’re huge fans of CRMs, but we’re even bigger fans of simplicity and automation. And although most CRMs are powerful tools indeed, there are still tasks that require time and resources to complete.

You still need to:

  • Collect information from your tenants
  • Use that info to create and populate documents for them to sign
  • Then, disseminate said documents to other departments for review, feedback and approval

This all needs to be done while keeping every piece of data safe from prying eyes.

Sounds like a lot of work? That’s because it is.

Fortunately, there are solutions, like Formstack, that meet the specific needs of property management organizations. And most of these solutions integrate seamlessly with your CRM.

Read on to get a closer look at what Formstack can do for you and how exactly your workflow will improve from it being integrated into your existing CRM.

Three Ways to Automate Property Management Workflows

While there are many ways solutions like Formstack can make your life easier and your workflow more efficient, it can be boiled down to three main areas, which we’ll look at now.

1. Improve Tenant Experience via Forms

Tenants are the lifeblood of every property management business, so it’s important to keep them happy. One way to improve their experience is with forms.

Forms give your tenants a digital front door to your office, where they can make suggestions for improvements and requests for assistance.

But how do you create these forms?

Formstack comes with professionally designed and ready-to-use digital forms that help you collect data from your clients regardless of device.

2. Improve Tenant Communication

Once you’ve collected the first bits of tenant data from the filled-out forms, you can start speeding up and personalizing your communication with tenants.

That’s because the information you’ve collected can be used to populate any other documents you may want to send out. This includes applications, contracts, and loan files.

That gives you two advantages.

First, any document can be sent pre-filled so your tenants just have to review and verify that the information is correct, as opposed to providing you with the same details over and over.

Second, it also builds trust with your tenants because it makes you look organized. It also shows that you care enough about them to remember their details and save them time.

3. Use Digital Signatures

You’ve probably used a digital signature before, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t also take advantage of this when it concerns your tenants.

Rather than putting pen to paper, your tenants can sign contracts and sort deposits digitally, which means the documents are stored automatically and are easily accessible.

That enables you to share them with your coworkers quickly, which significantly speeds up the process of submitting documents, providing feedback, and approving them.

It also helps streamline and control what information is shared with whom and how it’s done. In other words, it’s a massive time-saver.

Ready to Automate Your Workflows?

We know that time is money, and workflow automation helps you concentrate on the tasks that really matter — such as keeping your tenants happy.

We’ve helped many property management firms cut down on time-consuming administrative tasks, and would be happy to help you achieve the same results.

Formstack is a great option for property management organizations. We encourage you to check out their blog, particularly 3 Ways to Streamline Your Property Management Processes.

But if you’re already sold on the idea, then why not get in touch with us for a no-obligation chat to learn about your options and find the best way to automate your workflow?

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