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How to Plan for CX Success with Your Zendesk Software

Achieving excellent customer service is no small feat, but creating a strategy with Zendesk software will set you up for success. Zendesk provides the tools you need for great CX, all you need is a plan to ensure you get the most out of your software.

In this article, you will learn how to create and execute a plan for CX success with your Zendesk software to ensure your customers are happier than ever.

Why Is A CX Software Strategy Important? 

Good customer service doesn’t just happen overnight or without trying. Zendesk reports 83% of consumers cite good customer service as the most important factor—outside of price and product—when deciding what to buy. A CX software strategy can get you over the finish line. This strategy can help keep the business as a whole on track for short and long term goals, ensuring smooth and efficient CX execution.

Without a clear strategy, it is easy to get lost in the weeds of something that won’t benefit your CX or not make use of the full potential of your software.

A Zendesk strategy entails defining what you want to achieve in terms of good customer experience and then improving your current strategy to help you reach your goal.

How Do You develop a successful CX strategy Using Zendesk? 

Step 1: Define your CX goals

This first step is a chance for your team to get on the same page about what you are trying to change with your CX software. This conversation will likely include decision makers like CMO, CEO, VP of Sales as well as those already working as leaders in the customer success department.

The key is to create clear, tangible items that you would like to achieve with a new and improved CX software strategy within Zendesk.

Step 2: Review your current customer service strategy

Before you dive in to revamping your strategy for customer service, figure out how customers are currently experiencing your brand. Using surveys, data, and user stories can paint a clear picture of the contact points your customers have with your brand and how they resonate.

In this step, you should also review your current CX software strategy from an internal agent perspective. How are you currently using Zendesk to ease their daily load. If you are using a different software, is it impacting your customer service in a more positive way than Zendesk would?

This process can help you learn what is working, what can be slightly altered to be more successful, and what should just be scrapped all together.

Step 3: Build a target customer profile

To build a great CX with Zendesk, you need to understand who you are serving. A great place to start is within your current customer base. Who are your most engaged, happiest, or best customers and find out what they have in common?

Another key to building a target customer profile is defining the needs of a customer that your product meets. What are the attributes of the individuals from a company that actually interact with your brand?    

Equipped with this information, you can begin tailoring your CX software strategy with Zendesk to fit this target customer profile.

Step 4: Define your customer journey

Next up, defining how your customers journey looks from the very start of interacting with your business and how Zendesk can make this process more efficient and personalized.

Understanding how a customer will flow from being a total stranger to being a prospect and then finally a customer will highlight any gaps in your current Zendesk use where pulling over data could improve the jump from one stage to another.

Step 5: Set KPIs

Finally, you will need to set your KPIs. Why? To measure if the changes you will make in your CX software strategy improve your CX.

Zendesk has laid out 6 KPIs every customer service team should track in this article.

Ex: customers helped per day per agent (speed/productivity + personalization/data display); ratings/positive reviews (sentiment analysis); customer retention rate

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