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Improving Your CRM UX – Questions to Answer

user experience

Whether it’s a website, CRM, or other software, user experience (UX) is of the utmost importance. Why? If the user experience—the overall experience of a person using the technology—is poor, then people won’t want to use it.

When it comes to a CRM system, UX is imperative because the success of the software rides on user adoption. In fact, about 65 percent of CRM projects fail due to low user adoption.

Some common user errors include:

-Slow load time
-Inaccessibility of commonly used fields
-Not directing users to the next intended action

But don’t fret. There are ways to create a positive user experience.

When implementing CRM, it’s important to ask everyone involved about the project. Talk to your sales team and customer service agents about how they input data, and how their workflow can be improved with technology.

To improve CRM user experience, answer these questions:

  1. How are your users utilizing the CRM system?
  2. When was the last time you asked users about their process, and how the CRM system can be improved?
  3. Are there any ways they can be utilizing the CRM, but currently aren’t?
  4. How much information do they typically input at one time?
  5. Does the workflow make sense for all devices?
  6. How intuitive is your search?
  7. Is your color scheme easy-to-read?
  8. If you have color-blind users, will they be able to see the different sections?
  9. How simple is the navigation?
  10. Have you easily identified the most frequently used fields?
  11. How much lag time is there when loading your CRM system?
  12. Do you have unnecessary CRM fields that can be cleaned out?
  13. How many screens do users have to go through? How long does it take to get to each one?
  14. Can you declutter by deleting default views you don’t use?
  15. Are you displaying entire modules that you aren’t using? If so, can you remove them?
  16. Can you simplify workflows with any automated features?
  17. Where are users inputting data? Are they using mobile apps or a desktop? If they’re using mobile, is your CRM optimized for them?
  18. Do the reports aggregate useful data?
  19. Can your management use the data you collected to improve their lead times?
  20. To simplify your workflow, can you integrate CRM with other systems you use?

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