By : Jesse Heller | October 9, 2020 |

3 Reasons to Use Utilization Monitor for Sugar

utilization monitor

SugarCRM is a flexible and robust system that empowers your marketing, sales, and services teams to collaborate across the entire customer lifecycle. This system creates more meaningful experiences.

One of the best parts of Sugar is that it’s highly customizable—with countless add-ons and plugins to truly give you the software you need to thrive.

Yet with any CRM solution, it’s only as strong as your least active user. Even if you can have all the coolest capabilities, it won’t help you much if no one is using it.

Managers struggle with this challenge all the time. They want their team to utilize software, so they try to find innovative ways to encourage their team to use the system. But it’s easy to get overwhelmed when checking into user activity.

Regularly pulling up reports, seeing who is using the system, and finding out how much time they spend is a task in itself. But the Utilization Monitor for Sugar significantly changes this process.

It’s never been easier to find actionable insight into the ways your team uses Sugar. The Utilization Monitor for Sugar equips managers and supervisors with valuable optics into what their CRM users are doing within the platform. A must-have user adoption driver, the Utilization Monitor for Sugar provides a real-time visual dashboard of the critical business activities managers need to track their CRM platform usage.

Here are three major reasons you should use Utilization Monitor:

Track Users Interaction with Sugar

Utilization Monitor allows you to display your team’s usage stats on a custom dashboard. You’re able to check out CRM usage by user, role, and module.

See When a User Isn’t Using a Feature

Your Sugar instance has all kinds of features that personalize the experience for your team and your needs. Utilization Monitor allows you to not only see if a team member is using the system, but also what features they are using.

Compare Usage between Users and User Groups

Sometimes, a manager needs to see both what a particular user is doing and how a team is utilizing the system. Maybe you need to see how different sales offices are using your CRM. You can then determine where additional training may be needed. Regardless of the reason, you can compare usage between users and user groups.

Want to learn more about Utilization Monitor for Sugar and how it can work for you? Contact us today.

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