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Utilization Monitor for Sugar

Are you looking for actionable insight into how your team is using Sugar? The Utilization Monitor for Sugar equips managers and supervisors with valuable optics into what their CRM users are doing within the platform. A must-have user adoption driver, the Utilization Monitor for Sugar, provides a real-time visual dashboard of the critical business activities managers need to track their CRM platform usage.

Features of the Utilization Monitor for Sugar

  • Display usage stats on a custom dashboard
  • Display a usage score
  • Filter by user role
  • Customize weighting of activities
  • Show a trending score
  • Toggle between time periods (30, 60, 90 days)

Key Benefits

  • Track users’ interaction with the system
  • Compare usage between users and user groups
  • See how usage is changing over time
  • See when a user isn’t using a feature
  • Customizable weighting of activities allows adapting to clients individual needs

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