Pipedrive NetSuite Integration

The Pipedrive NetSuite Integration by Faye brings the features you love about Oracle NetSuite directly into Pipedrive! Users can now effortlessly sync NetSuite Organizations, Contacts, Items, Sales History, and even facilitate deals from Pipedrive in real-time allowing for streamlined processes, automated tasks, and increased productivity. By integrating NetSuite’s robust financials with Pipedrive, your organization enters a world of possibilities beyond the typical CRM.  

Key Benefits 

  • Optimized Operations: Reduce lead-to-cash process times, boosting cash flow from Pipedrive.
  • Improved Accuracy: Eliminate manual information and sales order entry reducing errors and improving data quality. 
  • Enhanced Customer Service: Empower teams with real-time data, enhancing customer service and fostering stronger client relationships. 


  • Our software is fully compatible with all currently supported versions of Pipedrive and NetSuite, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for your organization. 


  • $1,999/year + one-time set-up fee

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