Sweeten Up Your Support

The SugarCRM Freshdesk Integration by Faye seamlessly brings Freshdesk data into SugarCRM, providing users with a more holistic account view. This integration allows users to effortlessly sync Freshdesk customers, contacts, and tickets with SugarCRM in real-time, resulting in streamlined processes, automated tasks, and increased productivity. 

By integrating Freshdesk’s robust helpdesk system with SugarCRM, your organization can transcend typical CX solutions, providing a dynamic synergy for improved customer relationship management.

Key Benefits

  • Streamlined Operations: Simplify processes, ensuring a smooth transition from lead engagement to cash flow. 
  • Improved Accuracy: Eliminate manual information and data entry, reducing errors and improving data quality. 
  • Enhanced Customer Service: Empower teams with real-time data, enhancing customer service and fostering stronger client relationships. 


  • Our software is fully compatible with all currently supported versions of SugarCRM and Freshdesk, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for your organization. 


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