Flare CPG is the Zendesk Sunshine enhancement
built to revolutionize your agent and support strategy.

Flare CPG for Zendesk Sunshine

Flare CPG is a one-of-a-kind feature set built on Zendesk Sunshine to address a number of common issues and tasks faced by agents and other staff supporting customers in the Consumer Packaged Goods market sector.

Core Features of Flare CPG

  • Search for, view, manage and anticipate potential product recall cases
  • Set thresholds of inquiries per product, UPC or Product group to trigger notifications to vested parties for selected events ie potential recall or spike in product suggestions
  • Search for in-store stock by postcode and radius
  • Manage discounts and coupons eligibility & delivery
  • Create physical mail
  • Send checks and coupons by physical mail
  • Consolidate, normalize and respond ‘in-line’ to client inquiries via ‘any’ social media, messaging app, chatbots and email/phone
  • Manage customer feedback and surveys

Benefits of Flare CPG

  • Since Flare CPG is built on Sunshine, agents can now complete many common tasks and workflows directly in Zendesk Sell & Support
  • Reduce the number of licenses required across platforms by enabling agents to trigger workflows and events without logging into integrated systems
  • Capture and inform on critical events before they turn into bigger problems
  • Greatly reduce bouncing customers between departments in order to solve their query
  • Bring uniformity, accuracy, and speed back to the support process

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