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How FlareCPG Equips Support Agents for Success

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Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) is a fast-paced industry that handles goods in a variety in markets including packaged foods, beverages, toiletries, candies, and cosmetics.

With all these varying in markets, it’s important for CPG companies to stay on top of trends, which is a tall order. CPG support agents field calls and messages regarding everything from stock information to discounts to recalls. Typically, a CPG customer service rep would need to sift through different platforms to answer all the questions that come their way, creating a lot of wasted time just trying to find the answer.

That’s where Flare CPG for Zendesk comes in. Flare CPG is the Zendesk Sunshine enhancement built to revolutionize your agent and support strategy.

Are you wondering how?

Here are 5 common calls agent and support teams deal with in the CPG sector and how Flare CPG for Zendesk can help:

  1. Recalls:

    “There is a recall on Popeye’s bagged spinach, and we need to get it picked up quickly from stores.”

When a product gets recalled, time is of the essence. With Flare CPG, agents can quickly set up a recall location for company drivers to pick up the bagged spinach. If Popeye’s uses a third-party logistics provider for its delivery needs, Flare CPG can set a trigger to notify that 3PL to pick up the recalled product.

  1. Product Search:

    “I am working on a craft and need to bulk buy cotton balls. Can you tell me where there are at least 50 bags of them?”

Sifting through all the availability of a packaged good can be time consuming. The customer is looking for a quick answer so they can carry on with cotton ball craft. They do not want to sit on the phone or on LiveChat for the next 30 minutes until you can pull up all the information.

With Flare CPG, agents can quickly filer by product name or UPC code to see where a product is in a given radius and how many are at each location.

  1. Stock Search:

    “I love your jams, but can’t ever find your strawberry jam. Can you help me find where it is in my area?”

Of course, an agent wants to help the customer, but how? With Flare CPG, agents can punch in the customer’s zip code and the radius of their choosing (how far will the customer travel for their jam is a case-by-case basis) to find the stores near them that houses the strawberry jam.

  1. Discount and Coupons:

    I have always wanted to try your flavored water, but it is a little pricier than the others. Do you have a discount code or coupon so that I can see if it’s worth the cost?”

Manage discounts and coupons eligibility and delivery right inside the ticket view. It’s a quick and easy way to provide value for a customer or prospect.

  1. Refund Checks:

    “The packaging on my new make-up kit was defective and the concealer leaked everywhere. Can I get a refund?”

Beyond just discounts and coupons, the ticket view also allows agents to give refund checks to customers, both electronically and through the mail. Managers can set limits for how much of a refund (or a discount or coupon) an agent can give out.


Flare CPG is a one-of-a-kind feature set built on Zendesk Sunshine. It addresses a number of common issues and allows agents to quickly find information about products and help customers with their most common questions and complaints.

Interested in learning more about Flare CPG? Contact Faye today.

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