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Q&A with Ross Peetoom: What Faye Can Do For You

Faye capabilities

The Faye team has worked hard throughout the past year to be able to bring more value to our customers. Expanding our services, products and capabilities has been quite the undertaking, but we are thrilled at being able to provide the absolute best service we can.

Faye’s marketing team recently sat down with Ross Peetoom, Director of Global Professional Services at Faye, to discuss what current customers and prospects can expect.

Q: Faye’s services and capabilities have expanded greatly over the past year. What does that look like for your team?

Ross: A little over half a year ago, we were SugarCRM. Now we are those plus Zendesk, Salesforce, HubSpot, digital services (WordPress, digital ads, website development, etc.), marketing services (content strategy, content development, social media, etc.) and custom solutions (mobile app development).

Beyond that, the team is getting into some really cutting-edge technologies and capabilities. For a long time we have been subject matter experts in user adoption and gamification techniques, now we are excited to expand our expertise into HIPAA and Government compliance.

We stick to project management methodology best practices and promote agile business analysis to uncover how to make the best impact for our customers.

One other unique space we are diving into is sentiment analysis inside Zendesk. It’s a really sophisticated tool that scans messages for keywords and phrases that let customer services agents know if the sender seems to be in a positive, negative or neutral mood.

My team is loving all this change. It allows them to really find unique ways to serve our customers.

Q: With all these changes, what do you think is most surprising for long-term customers to know we do now?

Ross: I think a lot of our customers think of us just in the one niche we work with them in. They may be surprised to know that we now have many complimentary services for their current project. We are able to work with our customers across multiple systems and departments to truly help them digitally transform.

Our customers can now leverage our knowledge of them to guide them through changing platforms, creating customized applications, building a new website or crafting specialized content.

If a customer is looking to switch platforms for one reason or another, we can still be their partner. In the past, that wasn’t something we could do. We didn’t have the in-house expertise to help switch them.

Having a true partner can prove invaluable and that’s who we want to be.

Q: Although Faye has expanded, it’s still as committed as ever to Sugar customers. How can these extended capabilities help them?

Ross:  As Sugar itself has expanded its product suite to include things like Sugar Market and Sugar Discover, we already having team members in place with the expertise. Our team can really hit the ground running and help our customers expand into all the new and fascinating things Sugar has to offer. Ultimately, Faye having more capabilities just means that we can now help Sugar customers utilize all that Sugar is offering.

Q: What is your personal favorite part of expanding services?

Ross: I like seeing how different tools solve problems in different ways, with different focuses. This also means we can provide more options to help customers in their distinct industries and markets.

Q: Has the customer experience changed?

Ross: In terms of day-to-day operations, it’s the same. They will be working with their same team they have always known for their current projects. It also means that if they want to add on a new project or service, they will be introduced to team members who can provide those services.

Faye is now truly a global team, with individuals with vast development, expertise and backgrounds that we can pull from for our customers. Plus, now we have our AXIA subscription service that really combines our support, professional service, service levels, ongoing training and also offers add-on products that enhance productivity.

Q: Speaking of AXIA, let’s talk about it. 

Ross: Historically, professional service relationships were very transactional. Customer A pays Partner B a certain amount of money to complete a project. Wash and repeat as needed. The concept behind AXIA is to be the opposite of transactional. The door is open, come use us when you need us. AXIA genuinely gives more value to the customer.

It allows us to become more of a resource for our customers continuously, without having to sign papers every time we start and stop a project.

There is also a product suite that comes with AXIA, so even if a customer isn’t currently working on a new project, they are still seeing value from being an AXIA customer during in-between project stages.

This can also help for budgeting purposes because when you buy a subscription, you know expectations. You know what service you are receiving for what cost so you don’t run into those hurdles of trying to add in projects in Q2 or Q3 that weren’t already in the budget. With AXIA, you can purchase the right plan so your business users have access to our resources when they need it.

Want to learn more about Faye’s newest capabilities? Great! We’d love to tell you about them. Contact us today

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