By : Jennifer Karpus-Romain | April 7, 2020 | 3 min read

Top Four Reasons to Gamify

reasons to gamify

A CRM system is a great platform to improve efficiency and organize information about your customers, vendors, partners and beyond. Yet, it only performs as well as its users. If your team is not logging data into the system, then you’ll lose precious information. This can lead to poor forecasting and bad data.

So, how do you get your employees engaged in the CRM? Gamify it! No, this does not mean you turn work into a game. Instead, you are challenging your team and giving them real-world rewards in return.

Gamification is used all over the business world from loyalty card programs to frequent flyer miles to social media check-ins. Not only can it help you with customer-facing business strategies, but it can also greatly advance your CRM productivity.

Here are four reasons to gamify your system:

  • It’s Just Like Our Favorite Childhood Pastimes

No matter what you liked to play as a kid, gamification is similar. Here’s how:

  • Scouts: Badges

    As a Boy or Girl Scout, there was nothing better than littering your vest with merit badges. In a gamified CRM system, managers can create different badges for users to earn as they navigate the system.

  • Tennis: Singles Competitions

    Create challenges for your team and have them compete in them.

  • Basketball: Team Competitions

    Whether you have multiple sales or customer-service teams in your office or around the world, gamifying your CRM system can create team competitions.

  • Arcades: Real-world Rewards

    Remember the feeling of cashing in arcade tickets for a stuffed animal or candy? In a gamified CRM system, users can level up and get coins they then cash in for real-world rewards.

  • Quest to be the best

With a leaderboard showing who is leading the pack (and who is trailing behind), the desire to be the best will drive employees to jump into the CRM platform and do the work to gain points.

  • Drive Measurable Results

By rewarding specific kinds of behaviors — from hitting specific goals to completing a set number of tasks — management can create strong incentives to improve KPIs.

  • Increase employee performance

CRM implementation can be a challenge for users who feel inundated by everything on their plates. With better incentives to use your CRM platform, more team members will operate in the system. It’s no longer just something they must complete or push to the wayside. They enjoy the process.


Gamification lures employees to upload customer information by rewarding them with points and badges. Thus, the more communal details your team has on your clients, the better they can serve them.

Overall, engaged employees means happy employees.

Want to learn more about reasons to gamify? We are here to help. Contact us today!

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