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What Is a Customer Journey and Why Is It Important?

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Understanding the customer journey is crucial for businesses today. It helps to know how customers interact with your company as they pursue a specific goal. Mapping the customer journey can help companies identify operational inefficiencies and create a differentiated customer experience. In this article, we will discuss what the customer journey is, why it is important, and how businesses can benefit from it.

What is the Customer Journey?

The customer journey is the series of interactions between a customer and a company that occur as the customer pursues a specific goal. It can include any way customers interact with a company, such as making a purchase, reaching out for support, requesting a consultation, providing feedback, requesting an invoice, and more. It is called a customer journey because it is a path that customers follow to achieve their goals.

Why is the Customer Journey Important?

The customer journey has always been important, but it wasn’t until recent years that tools like CRM, Project Management Software, or Marketing Automation platforms had built-in tools to help businesses map the customer path. These mapping tools help companies provide the best possible customer experience. By understanding the customer journey, companies can identify areas of improvement and optimize their operations to meet customer needs better.

Benefits of Customer Journey Mapping According to PeopleMetrics, mapping or tracking the customer journey can help businesses:

  1. Track customers better
  2. Identify operational inefficiencies
  3. Encourage cross-departmental coordination
  4. Create a differentiated customer experience

Customer Touchpoints

When mapping the customer journey, it is essential to identify all the touchpoints customers have with your company. These touchpoints can include emails, website, social media, direct mail, billboards, radio ads, in-store visits, phone calls, and more. By identifying these touchpoints, businesses can create a comprehensive customer journey map, allowing them to better understand customer behavior.


The customer journey is crucial to providing a better customer experience. Mapping the customer journey can help businesses identify operational inefficiencies, encourage cross-departmental coordination, and create a differentiated customer experience. With tools like CRM and Marketing Automation, businesses can obtain a clearer picture of their customer experiences and optimize their operations to meet customer needs better. By doing so, businesses can avoid losing up to $75 billion each year due to poor customer experiences.

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