2024 Zendesk CS Trends Analysis

In the 2024 Zendesk CS Trends Analysis, we leverage survey data from thousands of CX Consumers and business leaders to provide you with cutting edge insights into how you can reduce costs and increase revenue through a more immersive customer experience.

The future of immersive cx

CX is continuing to evolve and immersive CX is fast becoming the new standard, redefining how companies engage with their customers.

  • Immersive CX represents a significant shift to more fluid, natural, and uninterrupted interactions
  • Consumers expect brands to meet them where they are, and under their terms through seamless and engaging interactions that keep them in the moment
  • Immersive CX is fueled by 5 tangible trends defining the next evolution of great experiences. Leading brands are already embracing them.

Dive Into 5 Customer Support Trends

AI experiences are becoming more involved and seamless

Conversational experiences are empowering consumers

Customers are eager for deeper personalization

Consumer well being and sentiment are reshaping CX

CX teams are breaking down silos as they become more integrated

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