By : D'Andre Davis-Taylor | June 27, 2022 | 1 min read

Funds2Orgs: SugarCRM Breakthrough Award Winner Highlight

Funds2Orgs Rises Above the Competition to Win Sugar Breakthrough Award

Our valued customer Funds2Orgs was announced as the winner of the Top Marketing Campaign of the Year Breakthrough award from SugarCRM. This award celebrates the best creative, successful, and integrated campaign launched by a Sugar customer using Sugar Market. Learn more about how Funds2Orgs utilized Sugar tools in their in depth case study!

How Funds2Orgs Let’s the Sugar Platform Do the Work

Why Funds2Orgs Loves Sugar

About Funds2Orgs

Funds2Orgs is a social enterprise that provides turnkey solutions to engaging volunteers and creating powerful events that drive funds for nonprofit organizations by collecting, distributing and repurposing discarded articles such as shoes, clothing, purses, cell phones and other electronic goods.

The Funds2Orgs business model offers three compelling advantages: – Provides domestic nonprofits the ability to raise funds by carrying out engaging programs

– Creates and sustains micro-enterprise opportunities for low-income entrepreneurs in developing nations

– Dramatically reduces the impact of post-consumer waste in our nation’s landfills.

Learn more about Funds2Orgs by checking out our latest case study

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