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The Benefits of Integrating Slack with SugarCRM

integration for sales team

These days, it seems everyone is excited about Slack because it has quickly become one of the most popular productivity and organizational tools available on the app market. You can use Slack to either communicate one-on-one or as a group. Moreover, it can be used as a team chatroom. In addition, it’s flexible, user-friendly, and platform-agnostic. 

You already know of the many ways Sugar has helped improve the efficiency of your users. And, with the Slack and Sugar integration, you can take this a step further. Yet, how can Slack assist your sales team?  

Why salespeople love SugarCRM

There isn’t any question that Sugar, as a CRM platform, can help to increase customer engagement and sales volume. In fact, you can easily manage so many necessary tasks such as:

  1. Following up with prospects 
  2. Enhancing marketing campaigns with relevant messages
  3. Managing your entire team
  4. Assigning tasks
  5. Automating complex business processes
  6. Improving internal and external collaboration
  7. Managing your clients from anywhere with your mobile devices
  8. Segmenting leads by demographics, buying behavior, preferences, and tastes
  9. Recording all activities from meetings to calls and tasks
  10. Offering a single source of truth
  11. Providing convenient pipeline management 

SugarCRM is most certainly a valuable sales tool that offers analytics, social media insights, detailed reports, and more. You can really define your target customer with SugarCRM. It also links marketing to sales so that everyone is aligned regarding revenue and opportunity objectives.  

So, how does Slack fall into place here? We’ll discuss that in the next section.

Does your sales team need Slack? 

This may be the million-dollar question, and perhaps some of your sales reps have offered their personal opinions on the topic. Nonetheless, one of the main reasons why Slack has grown by leaps and bounds is because it is truly an awesome tool for easing workflows and communication. 

For instance, if there is a snag in a potential deal then the sales reps can browse Slack’s chat history to view successful strategies that have been used in similar situations. Since Slack makes it much easier to communicate, the conversation histories can be used to reduce sales-related errors.

Another use would be to organize conversations around multi-thread accounts. Simply click “Start a thread” to bring in decision makers and anyone else working on a big account. This also helps to eliminate confusing email threads. 

In addition, you can use Slack to share relevant articles with other sales reps. This can be similar to the weekly team meeting where everyone is expected to contribute something useful to the department. Instead, cut down on time by sharing helpful sales tidbits via Slack. Slack will also designate a specific channel for sharing these types of links to articles. This route is a win-win since you can share links quickly, and you’re not littering other people’s inboxes with “stuff” they’ll probably delete anyway.

Is Slack helpful?

With the Sugar integration for Slack, you can also add more functionality and customize the app to create more modules, reports, and records. Plus, you can use Slack as a support tool where customers can create their own support cases. 

Since both Slack and Sugar have an open API, you can customize the app as much as you need. 

But, wait – there’s more. If you didn’t already know, Slack also maintains a help channel where sales reps can ask questions. If you want to get a specific answer, just tag the person you have in mind. Plus, anyone following the channel can offer their assistance. 

Another way Slack helps sales reps is it offers a space to share pertinent sales decks and marketing assets. Instead of having a thousand different folders on your home screen, just save all your decks and marketing presentations in Slack. It’s as simple as creating another Slack channel and giving it a title such as: “Sales_Decks.” 

If you’re in sales, you know how crucial it is to help your fellow reps. Sales reps share useful information all the time. With Slack, you can save it all on a specific channel and quickly search through it for whatever you need to find. Stop sifting through old emails, and countless folders, for the perfect customer presentation. Post it within the Slack app instead. 

Final thought

As you can see, there are many ways your sales team stands to gain strategic advantages by using Slack. Ready to learn more reach out today!

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