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Faye Launches New GPT Agent Assist for Zendesk Platform – April 12, 2023

Harness the power of ChatGPT with an AI that automatically learns from your help center and provides accurate response drafts right upon opening a Zendesk ticket.

CALABASAS, Calif. (PRWEB) April 12, 2023 — Faye, a global leader in CRM and CX software strategy, deployment, integrations, and ongoing management, today announced that it has launched GPT Agent Assist for Zendesk. With the power of ChatGPT, this AI-powered tool automatically learns from your help center and generates accurate response drafts as soon as a ticket is opened. This feature helps support teams respond quickly and accurately with relevant and precise answers, leading to improved response times, reduced workload, and increased customer satisfaction.

Integrating seamlessly into the Zendesk ticket sidebar, Faye’s GPT Agent Assist offers a range of powerful features that streamline customer support processes. Automatically taking into account an organization’s help center articles to generate responses and pre-processing tickets to provide immediate response drafts distinguish the app from others. Additionally, the AI continuously adapts to an organization’s needs by processing feedback it’s given by agents.

David Faye, CEO at Faye, said, “Two of our core values are around innovation and taking care of our clients, and it’s with these in mind that we’ve launched GPT Agent Assist for Zendesk. We’re thrilled to be able to improve the experience of both Zendesk users and their customers with this important first step in applying ChatGPT technology to the CX environment. We can’t wait to build on it to add even more value and improve the user experience in the customer support space.”

Faye’s GPT Agent Assist for Zendesk is a must-have tool for companies looking to make their support process future-proof. For more information on GPT Agent Assist for Zendesk, please visit Faye’s website.

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Faye is a global leader in software strategy, deployment, integrations, and ongoing management for mid-market to enterprise organizations, working with customers in over 25 countries to integrate SugarCRM, Zendesk, Salesforce, HubSpot, and more into complex tech stacks.

An Inc. 5000 award winner nine years in a row, Faye is an experienced CRM, CX, and bot advisor, trusted by customers and channel partners alike. They were recognized as the 2023 SugarCRM President’s Club Partner of the Year and the 2022 North America Zendesk GTM Partner of the Year.

The Faye Team’s depth of expertise is showcased through a library of custom-built software enhancements, tools, and integrations utilized by thousands of users every day. Faye helps their customers leverage the full, hidden potential of their software stack, driving software returns of up to 10x.

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