By : Jennifer Jones | May 9, 2022 | 4 min read

3 Ways to Optimize CRM Solutions For Property Managers

3 Ways to Optimize Your CRM Solutions For Property Manager

As a property manager, you wear many hats: landing sales, handling sourcing, tracking tenants, managing rental contracts and properties, and performing maintenance — the list is almost endless.

The last thing you want is to scour through a cluttered spreadsheet just to track customer data.

With a CRM, you don’t have to do all this yourself. This life-changing tool helps 82% of businesses manage their customer data and get to the next level.

Benefits of a CRM for Property Managers

A CRM also helps you:

  • Get more leads, clients, and tenants
  • Track and assess the quality of prospective tenants and buyers
  • Access real-time sales intelligence
  • Achieve a huge increase in efficiency
  • Build property management workflows
  • Improve the quality of your property agents
  • Ease communication with tenants
  • Send and store leasing agreements, rent bills, SLAs, and quotes

Optimizing your existing CRM ensures you enjoy all these benefits. Below we explore three ways you can do that.

How to Optimize Your Property Management CRM Software

Ensure usability

If you have a CRM platform, but your team isn’t using it, find out why they’re not leveraging it to streamline their workflow. The common reasons for poor usability include:

  • Not understanding the CRM’s purpose or benefits
  • Lack of training on how to use the CRM
  • High expectations from the team

To prevent these issues, ensure your team understands that the CRM is good for business and worth using. Instill the values that CRMs can bring to your property management workflow, like keeping information in one place so they can focus on their core work.

Train your property agents but give them time to learn how the CRM works and how to use it properly. You can start with a small pilot beginning with basic data entry requirements, and then integrate new features or processes as they master each level.

Don’t overwhelm them with certain CRM features they can’t use. Just make sure they can easily key in the data without much struggle.

Listen to any issues they may bring up about using the CRM and involve them when making decisions.

Property Manager CRM usability

Perform data audits

If the CRM is full of spoiled data, it won’t do you any good because you may end up:

  • Reducing profits owing to mislabeled documents that don’t reach your tenants or clients
  • Having your emails blacklisted because of too many undeliverable messages
  • Losing time looking for the correct client information

Practicing good data hygiene helps keep your data in check and relevant so that your CRM works efficiently.

Start by identifying whether the data in your CRM is captured accurately and at the right time. Then, check if there’s improvement in how your team enters that data. If there’s any data that’s been mistakenly entered or duplicated, bounced emails, or irrelevant information, remove it from the CRM.

Check for any missing information and assess whether the data you have is of good quality and valuable to your business.

Establishing clear, easy-to-follow guidelines will help your team have a uniform system to categorize and segment information for an easier data audit process going forward.

Sync your CRM to other tools you’re using

You shouldn’t have to hunt down data from multiple sources, piecing it together whenever you want to know about your tenants, agents, or other clients.

Integrating your CRM with lead capturing software, workplace productivity tools like Formstack and others,  helps you support the work of other departments in your business and manage all your data in one place, so there’s no duplicated information.

Not only that but integration also eliminates information silos so you can broaden your database, giving your customers a better experience.

Automate the processes to gain visibility into your business as well as faster access to properties. Doing this saves your team time, removes the risk of human error, and improves the overall health of your CRM.

Get the Most Out of Your CRM Software

Managing property is no easy task. An expansive portfolio, a huge list of properties, and volumes of client contacts can feel overwhelming to organize in one platform.

With a CRM, you can make the sales process faster, improve communication with your clients, and help your property agents work better.

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