By : Quinn Bingham | July 1, 2022 | 3 min read

4 Technologies That Improve Customer Experience

Technology plays a critical role in optimizing customer experience (CX). This is important because organizations that provide excellent customer service throughout the entire customer life cycle can generate returns between 25%-90%.  

This blog will discuss the four categories of technology that are most useful for improving the CX journey. They are:

  • Marketing automation platforms
  • Communication technology
  • CRM platforms
  • Customer service technology

Marketing Automation Platforms Set The Stage for CX

Marketing is often the first introduction a prospect will have to your business and sets the stage for the customer experience they should expect when engaging with your organization. Your marketing automation platform should help you run your marketing campaigns with ease. 

Marketing automation platforms should help you:

  • Develop and implement an automated lead scoring process
  • Automatically move prospects through your marketing funnel and alert sales when a prospect is ready for sales engagement
  • Review and analyze your website traffic 
  • Easily create beautiful emails and create email marketing campaigns to keep prospects engaged

You should use this technology to attract new prospects to improve sales conversions and engage current clients to improve client retention. 

Communication-Focused Technologies Drive Outstanding CX

Outstanding communication is the key to a fantastic CX journey. Having relevant and open communication channels both internally and eternally will help you improve the customer experience. 

Examples of communication-based technologies you should be using are:

  • Email
  • Text/Whatsapp
  • Group chat technologies (such as Slack or Microsoft Teams)
  • Website chatbot

What’s even more important than the technologies themselves is their ability to integrate with your CRM system. When sales reps, marketers, and service reps can communicate with each other and with prospects and clients all within one platform, your team will be much more productive, and the customer experience journey will be seamless. 

The Most Important CX Tool: A Well-Optimized CRM Platform

CRM is the most important tool you can utilize to ensure an outstanding CX. 

To provide an outstanding CX, you must:

  • Give prospects an excellent first impression of your brand, products, and services
  • Seamlessly transfer prospects from marketing to sales 
  • Provide sales reps with the tools they need to interact with prospects intelligently
  • Seamlessly move prospects from sales to onboarding/service
  • Continually gauge a customer’s satisfaction with your organization and its products
  • Demonstrate continued value to your clients

All of this would be impossible to accomplish without an optimized CRM.  A CRM provides organizations with the tools they need to maintain brand consistency, understand customer needs, sell the products most likely to address customer concerns, and have a complete 360-degree view of all of their clients.

Customer Service Tools That Help You Deliver An Exceptional CX 

Your customer service and account management teams play a significant role in the overall customer experience. They help answer client questions, resolve client issues, and even help your clients use your products and services more effectively. Thankfully, various customer service technologies can aid in this process. 

Here are a few:

  • Customer self-service tools like searchable knowledge bases help customers quickly find answers to their questions.
  • Omnichannel engagement tools like computer telephony, web chatbots, and social media adapters help your service reps meet customers where they are to resolve issues. 
  • CX intelligence/analytics tools like speech and text analytics help your reps better understand each customer to provide more personalized experiences.

Conclusion: CX Improvement Starts With Technology

In the end, technology can provide a massive advantage to your overall CX strategy by providing better communication, organization, and intelligence.  Looking to improve your CX Strategy and drive ongoing value and optimization for your business beyond just implementation? Check out our managed services offering Axia to help your get the most out of your CX software

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