By : D'Andre Davis-Taylor | January 2, 2023 | 5 min read

Navigating a Crisis With CRM Solutions

The way we work has changed over the past few years. COVID-19 forced us to adopt enhanced technological solutions such as automated processes and cloud applications to keep performing in the current context. It’s not a bad thing – we just need to put the right tools in place to ensure that this drastic transition is successful.

Less face-to-face interaction and more remote work means that processes need to be solid to continue meeting customers’ demands. Even though the customer experience has changed, it still requires an efficient and personalized approach.

Stay connected to your customers thanks to your CRM solution

The main objective of a CRM solution is to improve business relationships and simplify processes involving the customer. More and more, companies are realizing the importance of CRM technology and the proper use of this system, especially in these times of global crisis. Work restructuring now relies on technology and optimized processes. Among other things, CRM software allows you to centralize customer data so that all your employees can always access it. A CRM has become an indispensable tool for remote work.

A 360° and shared vision of customers

Data centralization allows a 360° vision of each customer. It’s no longer possible for you to discuss Mrs. Smith’s case with Jack from accounting at the coffee machine, but you can still get the information you need through your CRM and, as an added bonus, look through this customer’s exchange history with your company for a much more personalized discussion! Sharing customer data through CRM connectivity allows different departments to access information much faster and independently for increased productivity. The integrated Salesforce CRM platform gives all your departments (marketing, sales, and customer service) a single, shared view of each customer.

Sales Solutions

With a complete view of customers and a standardized process, the Salesforce Sales Cloud® solution helps sales reps sell smarter and faster. All information from different departments can be viewed, for the convenience of sales reps and managers, on any device and in real-time. The software’s 360 AI also provides intelligent analysis and forecasting to help sales teams understand the data to develop deeper business relationships and close more sales. Finally, sales reps can optimize sales and customer experience thanks to the automation of manual tasks.

Customer Service Solutions

Implementing Salesforce CRM provides your agents with an ideal platform to increase their efficiency and productivity thanks to the system’s features:

  • The unified view helps agents access the complete history of every customer interaction with your company, enabling more personalized remote interactions.
  • The system’s automation and AI provide access to virtual assistants for service optimization and 24/7 customer service accessibility.
  • The integration of different channels such as instant messaging or phone services directly in the system used by the agents centralizes the information. Thus, your agents can do more customer service and less data entry.

Pandemic or no pandemic, we all agree that good customer service is necessary for customer loyalty.

Marketing Solutions

Marketing is at the forefront of the sales strategy, and its role is essential in building customer loyalty and generating new leads.

Salesforce’s AI centralizes data from different sources (online forms, calls, social media, etc.) in an organized manner to provide a unified view of customers and thus enable managers to communicate better with customers. Salesforce Marketing tools (Marketing Cloud and Pardot) make sense of all the data, so you can identify which marketing strategy provides the best return on investment. The result: faster, more informed decisions based on automated analytics.

In conclusion

COVID-19 is changing the way we work, and its effects will be felt for many years to come. We offer solutions to guide you through this change and give you more time to focus on what you do best. By implementing a CRM solution adapted to your business needs and by maximizing its potential, you will be ready to face all the other challenges that may arise while keeping the interests of your customers at the forefront.

The current context forces the adoption of technological solutions quickly, but the fact remains that these solutions will be beneficial in the long term.

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