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The Benefits of Integrating Zendesk Into Your Business

The benefits of Integrating Zendesk into your Business

As many businesses have fully transitioned to a work-from-home operating model, the customer experience has become an even more important aspect of every business, be it large or small. Keeping your customers happy and delighted is one key to holistic success, and customer support service plays a crucial role in this. To keep your business growth-focused you need to ensure you have a reliable customer support strategy in place. In other words, you have to be a superhero for your customers to solve their queries and meet their expectations to the best of your ability.

Does this seem difficult?

It may be if you are still using conventional means of communication like email, phone calls, etc. If your website is an important part of your business, then ensuring top-notch customer support could be an uphill battle. There could be several issues like lost communications, backlogged tickets, disorganized files, etc…that a support agent can’t handle alone.

Integrated CRM solutions like Zendesk Sunshine are becoming an important strategy for businesses to carry out seamless customer support. Zendesk’s product offerings are a fully integrated customer support platform revolutionizing the way businesses organize, manage, and process customer data and queries.

While many organizations are already leveraging the power and capabilities of Zendesk, it has become of increasing importance to integrate your overall customer support solution.

Not sure whether it will be helpful to your business? Here are some of the benefits and features of Zendesk to help you make your decision.

What is Zendesk?

Zendesk is a cloud-based customer support platform offering a variety of features to smoothen customer service for businesses. Zendesk is used by over 40,000 small to medium businesses and large enterprises like Groupon and Zappos. The Zendesk help desk platform can be used by 5 to 500 support agents and is able to manage thousands of tickets per hour. The software effectively helps businesses to increase productivity, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce costs. It is a one-stop solution offering all needed customer support features for your business.

How Zendesk Works: The Features

Knowing the features and exact use of Zendesk would help you decide whether it is right for your business or not. It comes with a set of useful features to help you with customer service and take your business to the next level.

Customer Self-Help Portal

Self-service is how people like these days. Giving your customers the ability to find the right solution to their problem on their own can help you increase customer satisfaction, reduce the operational costs, and boost agent productivity. Zendesk offers a self-help portal that lets customers easily find information themselves while lowering a bit of burden on the support team. You can facilitate self-help for your customers by setting up online communities, intuitive FAQ searches, robust knowledge bases, and 24/7 online service portals.

Organization/Multitasking Tools

Organizing customer data, emails, and tickets are quite convenient with Zendesk. It offers you multitasking tools to simplify things for your support team. Your support agents can efficiently work on multiple tickets at a time and thereby prevent backlogging. Also, it highlights the important emails that require immediate attention.

Ticketing System

Different customers use different channels to communicate their queries. It is essential to offer a seamless experience to customers by solving their problems in the channel they choose. Zendesk offers you a ticketing system that lets you gather all your customer support requests from different channels and manage them all from one place. With the Zendesk ticket system, you can better connect with your customers on different channels without losing context.

Knowledge Base

The know-how of each individual in an organization or tribal knowledge can be used to build a knowledge base that the entire organization can use for growth. Zendesk provides you a knowledge management system that lets you convert tribal knowledge into a knowledge base. It can be used as an IT knowledge base, FAQ tool, support agent-only knowledge, or internal knowledge base. Also, you can track how your team uses the knowledge base, find trends or patterns, and thereby continue to improve the knowledge base.

Internal Helpdesk for Employees

When you care for employees, they work hard for your company in return. Offering your support team needed resources and tools can reduce their workload and ease things for them at work. Zendesk also offers an internal help desk for letting employees help themselves. With an internal help desk, your employees can easily find whatever they need, whenever they need it. It incorporates self-service knowledge-base, omnichannel support, and a lot more to simplify work for employees.

Community Forums

Customer feedback is essential for any business growth, but what’s more important is when two or more customers talk about your brand on social media and web forums. Zendesk offers you a community management feature to promote conversations between your customers while making space for your brand. With community forums, you can collect feedback and
crowdsource ideas.

Communication Options

Communication is the key to solve customer issues. The more effective and seamless the conversion is, the better you can help customers. Zendesk offers great communication flexibility through different options, like live chat, messaging, and voice support.

Analytics Tools

Zendesk comes with excellent analytics features to help you improve your customer support operations. It offers more than 20 template reports and dashboards for analytics purposes. It lets you benchmark your customer satisfaction ratings and support team performance. Also, it helps you quickly identify response times and trouble spots so you can fix them seamlessly.

Benefits of a Zendesk Integration for Your Business

By Integrating Zendesk with your business, you can experience a range of benefits:

Improved Productivity

It is difficult to manage several things at a time while solving your customer issues. There couldn’t be meaningful conversions if you are recording the notes while also calling a customer. If your support team is handling multiple tasks at a time, a decrease in their productivity is sure to follow. When you integrate Zendesk to your customer support operations, things get way easier and quicker.

For instance, by integrating Zendesk with your cloud-based phone system, the support team members can easily manage the customer’s calls and queries. If the call matches the contact added to Zendesk, it will be connected automatically. Also, the self-help desk feature reduces most customer queries as they could find the solutions on their own. Overall, Zendesk automates several tasks for your support team, which in turn increases their productivity.

Proactive Management

With the help of a knowledge base, analytics, and other features offered by Zendesk, your support team can make proactive decisions on the go. This results in proactive management of customer issues. By synchronizing Help Center knowledge base to your business requirements, you can make the most out of your investment.

Improved Customer Engagement

As Zendesk offers flexibility to communicate with customers over various channels, it helps improve customer experience with your business. Due to the availability of voice, chat, and online messaging features, customers can easily connect with your support team from their preferred channel. Overall, this plays a great role in improving customer engagement.

Prompt Responses

As Zendesk offers multitasking tools, the support team can conveniently work on multiple tickets to avoid backlogging. With Zendesk, your support team can better respond to customers and solve their problems promptly.

Customer Retention

Providing the best possible customer service is the ultimate way to win customer loyalty and retain them. Zendesk helps you resolve customer issues in an optimal way by offering you a range of features like analytics, knowledge-base, messaging, etc. Analytics on Zendesk let you quickly access the customer data and thereby make appropriate decisions to improve customer experience and retain them.

Smoother Sales Experience

The knowledge base in Zendesk provides you with the exact information and resource you need at your fingertips to solve customer problems efficiently. Also, Zendesk is committed to letting everyone work together as a team, which allows agents to respond to customer queries even if they seek help from another department.


With so many benefits and an excellent range of features, Zendesk is a mainstay among businesses. The platform clearly helps you become more efficient in so many aspects of your business. You can easily integrate Zendesk with other business tools you use for ERP, Accounting Software, reporting, analytics, CRM, social media, and more.

Reach out to us today to learn how we can make Zendesk hum for your business.

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