SugarCRM 2.0 Analysis

Unlock the full potential of your SugarCRM system

Ready to break free from the ‘break, fix, tweak’ cycle and unlock the full potential of your CRM? Faye’s SugarCRM 2.0 Analysis is designed to help you take a step back and re-evaluate your current CRM strategy, understanding how to better align it with your business needs.

How it Works

Evaluating Current Use:

Exploring how SugarCRM is currently being used in your business, and what challenges you are facing.

Gap Analysis:

Comparing the current use of SugarCRM against your evolving business needs and goals.

Exploring SugarCRM’s Latest Features:

Identifying new functionalities or updates in SugarCRM that could enhance your business operations.

Strategic Planning:

Developing a plan to realign SugarCRM with your business goals, including phased rollouts, training, and change management. 

Why Sign Up

Stay Current: Ensure your SugarCRM system aligns with current and future business needs and goals  

Enhanced Efficiency: Identify and address inefficiencies in your current setup  

Leverage New Features: Take advantage of the latest updates, features, and trends within SugarCRM (including any you see in this guide!)  

Strategic Advantage: Transform your Sugar investment from a mere software application to a game-changing business tool 

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