By : Jesse Heller | August 19, 2020 | 3 min read

3 Benefits of a Helpdesk Ticketing System

helpdesk ticketing system

Everyone can say helping your customers is the top priority. But when you’re busy juggling multiple projects and customers, staying organized and on top of every task can feel overwhelming.

If you’ve ever had a client concern fall through the cracks, then you understand how quickly tracking and managing customer support items can snowball. That’s where a helpdesk ticketing system comes in handy. It’s a place to track, manage, and organize all your customer support items from start to finish.

Here are three reasons to consider using a helpdesk ticketing system in your organization:

  1. Centralized System

The number of emails hitting your inbox seems to rise daily, which means that customer emails are getting harder to track. Employing a simplified solution like a customer support email that alerts the appropriate employees creates an efficiency and visibility to the issue.

A centralized system also means that you don’t have to track down details in previous email chains. You can find all communication in one place. Ideally, your helpdesk ticketing system will have the capability to integrate with other software like Jira. This streamlines communication between your project manager and ticketing system. That way, no communication is loss because action and updating the customer.

  1. Streamlined Customer Support

Creating a simple solution for your clients to request and track their support items goes a long way. Not only will they feel more confident about how their needs are handled, but your team can address them right in the system.

Additionally, some helpdesk ticketing systems offer automated responses and forms. These automated processes make sure you get all the information you need, without the back and forth.

Some solutions, like Zendesk, offer customizations like a guided mode and customer context to speed up response times. There is also conditional and custom ticket fields so data is communicated the first time.

  1. Accountability and Prioritization

Giving visibility of a request to your team means you can hold team members accountable for each step. If a team member assigned to the ticket isn’t sure how to proceed, you can identify areas of opportunity for training to further streamline the process in the future.

Built-in tracking and reporting can narrow down bottlenecks in the service department. It can also help speed up the customer service process down the road. Creating rules for ticket prioritization and categorization can help your team manage requests by importance and level of difficulty, rather than when they come in.


Helpdesk ticketing systems are becoming more and more required in the busy landscape of client support. Choosing the right one for your company can make or break customer experience.

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